Todoroki x Deku Adult AU(TodoDeku)
Todoroki x Deku Adult AU(TodoDeku) tododeku stories
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A TodoDeku adult AU, where they have two children and Todoroki has planned a surprise for Deku.

Todoroki x Deku Adult AU(TodoDeku)

Todoroki and Midoriya are dating and are adults. (they are not married((((((yet))))))) They have two kids. -Himari (girl, 9, green and white long hair, grey eyes, bubbly but introvert-like) and -Akio (boy, 7, short curly red hair, green eyes, extremely extroverted)

✨✨let us begin✨✨

Todoroki woke with a stir next to him as Deku stretched with a small groan. "Morning, love." Deku sleepily sighs. "Good morning." Todoroki replies just as tired, with a hint of nervousness. Deku senses this and glances suspiciously at Todoroki. "Hmm... I'll go make breakfast before the kids wake." Deku states as he gets up.

"They won't wake for another hour, love." Todoroki sighs into the pillow, almost taken by sleep again at the touch of its fluff. Deku walks over smiling and kisses Todoroki's forehead. "I know. And neither will you, you know." 'Heh.' Todoroki thinks.

(It was indeed another hour before Todoroki got up.) Todoroki yawned as he walked to the living room, slowly putting a shirt on. He emerged to see Deku feeding the kids on the floor while they were all cheering to the heroes on TV. Todoroki chuckled and got himself some breakfast as well, sitting on the lounge behind them.

"Finally woke up, huh? The kids woke up before you some how. Today must be a miracle!" Deku laughed. Todoroki laughed too but looked at the kids as they looked at him. He knew why they woke up early, and so did they. He was just happy their cover hadn't been broken. He hoped so much that today would be perfect.

(After they ate and got ready(They are gonna go to the park)) "Ready to go kids?" Midoriya asked as he grabbed the keys for their car. "YEAH!" Himari and Akio both scream as they rush to the car. "Are you ready Sho?" Deku calls. "I will be there in a minute." Shoto replies, sweat dripping on his forehead.

He cooled himself down and walked to the front door where Deku was watching their kids wrestle for the door, wanting to beat each other into the car. "This is going to be chaotic." Deku laughed as Himari opened the door and leaped inside, using her fire to give her a boost.

"No FAIR!" Akio screeched. He concentrated for a moment then levitated Himari out of the car again and jumped in himself. "CHEATER!! I WON FAIR AND SQUARE" Himari screamed, but she jumped in with him and started to tickle her brother. Deku laughed and Shoto smiled lovingly at their children and his lover.

"Let's go, shall we?" Shoto asked, gently caressing's Midoriya's hand. "We shall." Deku replied, leaning up to Todoroki and kissing his forehead with a smile. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" Their kids screeched, watching through the cars' window.

-At the park-

When they arrived, Shoto driving, the kids went crazy and started running about the park, sort of terrifying the other families and kids in their wake. Akio was running from Himari in terror as he had punched her before they got out. She was running after him with a straight cold face, but she had a glint in her eyes.

Todoroki and Midoriya went and set up a picnic blanket under a cherry blossom tree and sat down, Midoriya between Sho's legs and leaning back in to his chest, eyes closed and smile present. Todoroki had his arms wrapped around Midoriya lovingly and was smiling as well, watching the kids.

"Love," Shoto began. "Hm?" Deku replied, eyes not opening. "Isn't that Mina and Hagakure over there?" Deku opened his eyes this time and looked to where Todoroki was. "It is! Wait... why does Mina have her phone pointed towards us.."

Mina and Hagakure stopped still for a moment then started to squeal and run over to them, satisfied with the picture they took of the two. "HEY GUYS!!" Hagakure yelled before reaching them, Mina waving exuberantly. "Hey!" Deku smiled back then heard another click from Mina's phone.

"Hello." Sho responded, gripping Midoriya a little tighter. Deku rubbed Sho's hands holding his as a sign that it was all right and he had nothing to worry about. "We haven't seen you guys for years! How are you? Are you guys married yet? Do you live around here? Do you have kids??" Mina blurted, sitting down with Hagakure on the blanket and picking up a cherry blossom from the ground.

Midoriya became flustered at the mention of married and was un able to respond, so Shoto had to take the task. "We are very well, we live down that street and to the left, and those two are our kids." Mina and Hagakure whipped their heads around to gaze upon the two children that were now tackling each other on the ground, rolling about the park.

"They are so cute!" The girls exclaimed. Midoriya had re-gained control of his flustered-ness but was still blushing quite a lot at the thought, which was a good sign for Shoto's confidence. "What are their names?" "Himari is the girl, her quirk is fire, like Sho's and Akio is the boy. His quirk takes after my mother but it is much stronger." Deku responded.

"CUTEEEEEEE!" They squealed again. Himari and Akio looked up at that noise and ran over to their parents, curious at the strangers. "Hello. " was Himari's response while Akio immediately asked; "Dad, who are they?" "I'm, Mina Ashido! This is my freind, Hagakure!"

"They are friends from our time at UA." Deku said, attempting to fix their confused faces. -20 mins later- "Todoroki, may we speak to you please." Mina asked and pointed to behind the tree. He looked down at Midoriya, who was now cradling Akio and having parts of his hair braided by Himari.

Midoriya nodded to him and Todoroki got up and went around the tree. Suddenly, the girls were serious. "Why did you avoid the question, Todoroki." Hagakure asked. "What question?" Todo asked, already knowing though.

Mina leant in and whispered, "The one about you guys being married!!" Todoroki peeked around the tree and saw Deku and Himari laughing. "We are not married," He said in a lower voice. "But I want to propose soon."

Mina and Hagakure looked at each other, still serious, then bit their hands, holding in their screams. A few seconds later they were good but had massive smiles. "When?" "Maybe tonight, if today goes well. Otherwise I will wait a little longer."

"We can help!" Mina said. "What?" Sho said. "No-we will help you!" "How so?" "When you are ready, we can take your children for ice-cream or something while you and Midoriya go to... where did you want to propose?" "I'm not sure... maybe the beach..." "Perfect! It is beautiful there at night!"

"The children know about my wanting to propose as well, so you don't have to hide it from them, just Izuku, please." "Will do! So we need a signal for when you want us to take the kids... how about..." Mina winked then smiled. "Very creative... but I suppose it will do." "Can we see the ring? Do you have it?" Hagakure asked. "Yes, here..."

Todoroki shows the girls a beautiful silver ring engraved with diamonds here and there. On the inside of the ring it says, 'To my dearest lover - Shoto' The girls yet again have to bite their hands to hold in squeals. A few minutes later, they return to the picnic mat to see Midoriya and the two kids messily laying on the blanket, snoring softly.

Mina and Hagakure don't hesitate to take photos as Shoto slips in next to them and lays down, Midoriya's head on his stomach and the children's resting on Midoriya's stomach.

- A few hours later - Sho wakes to Himari shaking him. "Papa..." she whispers. "When are you gonna tell Dad?" "What is the time Himari?" He asks in return. "About 3:30 ish maybe? Could be 4."

"It's 3:45." Hagakure whispers over to them. Her and Mina had fallen asleep as well on the blanket. Midoriya was still sleeping, but Akio was now also awake and sitting up playing with Deku's left hand while watching Shoto. Shoto paused for a moment, then said; "Soon, sweety." They smiled.

-10 mins later- (Mina had woken up a few minutes before) Shoto was braiding Himari's hair while she plaited Mina's and Mina fiddled with Akio's hair. Hagakure was scrolling through social media on Mina's phone. "Papa... you should wake Dad. Miss Mina and Hagakure can take us for ice-cream while you get all mushy with Dad."

He looked towards the girls and they nodded, smiling. Shoto turned towards Izuku now, and paused, watching him sleep peacefully with some drool seeping from his mouth. He smiled.

"Are you ready?" Mina asked before Shoto could wake Midoriya. "...Yes. I am. I have been dreaming of this for years. I am ready now." Todoroki smiled at them. The kids' and girls all smiled back and gave him thumbs up. "We will start to walk off and get some ice-cream now. Good luck!" Hagakure said.

Todoroki waited until they were a fair bit away before shaking his love awake. Midoriya stirred at the small gentle touch and opened his eyes, sitting up and yawning. Shoto had been very tense as he waited for Deku to wake up, but when he saw his beautiful green eyes, he immediately relaxed again.

"What's wrong love?" Midoriya asked, rubbing his left eye with a fist and showing a small tired smile. "Uh-I-" Todoroki paused, took a deep breath and started again. "Mina and Hagakure took the kids for some ice-cream." Deku was fully awake now.

"Oh. When will they be back?" "Maybe 30 minutes to an hour. They wanted to show them a playground they thought they might like." Deku smiled. "Aw. That's nice of them. What do you want us to do while they are away?" "Would you like to go for a walk?"

Deku looked surprised. They hadn't done that for a while. "I would love that." Shoto smiled. They packed up the picnic items then locked the car and began to walk around town, Todoroki slowly leading them to the beach. Their entwined hands swung as they chatted lovingly.

It was around 5:30 when they finally made it to the beach. Deku had been in awe at the sunset and small stars becoming visible above them. The waves crashed gently, sending small crabs and shells backwards and forth like a washing machine would to clothes.

Deku challenged Shoto to a race down the beach. They had tumbled and slipped on the piles of sand, slid down dunes and climbed up and around some trees, laughing. It was around 6:10pm when they had slowed down and were now just standing in each other's arms, gazing at the distant stars and beautiful night sky.

Deku breathed in some of a passing cold night air breeze, exhaled, and melted against Todoroki some more. "Today was great..." he said. Todoroki smiled at this. He had hoped it would be. Meeting Mina and Hagakure was only by chance, but it had helped him so much with his proposal plans.

"It was..." Deku looked up at Todoroki, sensing a change in his voice. "Are you ok..?" "Of course I am, love. I just have something on my mind..." Deku turned around and faced Todoroki now, a small amount of concern in his face.

"Tell me." Shoto paused and closed his eyes. It was now or never. He could do this... no... he would do this. He had to. If he didn't, he would never forgive himself. "Well... I was just wondering how I came to get someone as wonderful as you and such a wonderful life."

Deku smiled. "You deserve the world, love." "So do you. I want you to be happy every single day, and being with you makes me so much happier too." "Izuku, you have made me one of the happiest people in this lifetime, and I want to be with you and the kids no matter what."

Deku laughed. "I'm not going anywhere Sho Neither are the kids. Nothing could make me or them leave you." Shoto laughed now. "Well..." He bent down on one knee and brought out a ring. Midoriya gasped. "Better safe then sorry." "Izuku Midoriya, will you do me, Himari and Akio the pleasure, and marry me?"

Shoto said this with such emotion that it took Midoriya by surprise. He stood there for a minute then collapsed against Todoroki, taking them both to the ground. While this happened, Midoriya was screaming, "YES YES YES YES!" Todoroki smiled, tears in his eyes and tightly hugged Izuku. Izuku had tears streaming down his face and a messy smile.

Todoroki had never felt so much love for someone before. He leant in and kissed Midoriya like it would be the last time he would ever get the chance to. Tears were soaking both their cheeks as they grinned into the kiss, sniffles coming from Midoriya and smaller sniffs from Shoto.

They broke apart to the sounds of squeals and screams behind them. Himari and Akio jumped at them, squashing them all and Mina and Hagakure were jumping about, having videoed the whole scene. "You did it Papa! You did it!" They repeated. Izuku and Shoto kissed them both on the cheeks, still smiling.

Midoriya turned to Todoroki, hiccupping and sobbing around his smile, and held out his hand. Todoroki smiled at him then slowly slipped the ring on. Mina and Hagakure were behind Midoriya and staring at the ring, smiling.

However, Midoriya's smile seemed to shine more than anything else at that moment for Todoroki. He embraced Izuku again and whispered into his ear; "I love you Izuku." Midoriya whispered back; "I love you more, Shoto Todoroki."

Mina squealed again. "Oh my gosh!!! You guys are getting married!!! There's gonna be wedding!!! You have to invite class 1-A to it! A marriage and reunion!! I can't wait!" "Of course we will be your official planners with out a doubt." Hagakure stated bluntly.

They all laughed. "Without a doubt."

by skater_weeb <333 :)) CLIFFHANGER!! The end! Love you all (SQUUUUUUUIIIIIIRRRRRRRELLLLLLLLLLLLL)

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