Aizawa x Reader <3
Aizawa x Reader  <3 mha stories

skater_weeb I find socializing sus <3
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A really adorable short story on a day with Y/N and Aizawa. I seriously felt single making this like hmmm mmmm

Aizawa x Reader <3

'...' = thinking "..."= talking *...*= actions I muddled these up by accident but I know you will understand the story anyways!😉

Please enjoy!

Aizawa POV *Lying in bed, cocooned in an array of many blankets, Aizawa sleeps calmly.* *Suddenly, however, Y/N bursts through the door and leaps on top of him and his pile of blankets* "SHOUTA AIZAWA. GET UP! Your food is going cold." (Y/N)

Aizawa POV "No thank you." (Aizawa) *Aizawa turns onto his stomach on the bed, flipping you off of him and the bed altogether.* *You huff and pout, staring into Aizawa's half closed eyes, clearly annoyed.*

Aizawa POV *Aizawa smirks, specks of blush appearing on his cheek as you pout and look flustered.* "Come ON." Y/N says, getting up and kicking Aizawa affectionately, smiling. "I am not going to make your food again but I want you to eat!"

Aizawa POV *Aizawa snuggles into ths blankets more and turns away from you* *Y/N gasps dramatically and does the stereotypical damsel in distress pose.* "Oh NO! What ever will I do to get you out of bed!" (Y/N)

Y/N POV 'I know how to get you out Aizawa... you can't stop me, hehehe' *Y/N approaches the bed quickly and quietly then attempts to rip the blankets from Aizawa.*

Y/N POV *However this does not go to plan as Aizawa only falls to the ground with a small grunt and cocoons himself again.* 'Aw man.. I though that would work.' *pouting, Y/N sighs and dramatically walks to the door in unwanted defeat.*

Y/N POV *Alas, Y/N's departure is delayed as Aizawa trips them and pulls them under the blankets with him. Y/N is tossed and turned gently while Aizawa gets you both comfortable. In the end you are on top of Aizawa hugging him while he hugs you, kissing your head.*

Aizawa POV *He kisses and smells Y/N's hair lovingly as Y/N snuggles closer and closer into him just as lovingly.* "You should have just told me you wanted cuddles. I would have given you some after breakfast anyways. Which is cold now. Both yours and mine" (Y/N )

Aizawa POV 'My sweet bubby' "I am sorry, but now there is no point to get up" (Aizawa) "Bully" (Y/N ) *He reaches down and tilts your head to kiss you but you beat him, taking him by surprise*

Y/N POV 'I know your game Aizawa, and I won't let you win.' *You break the kiss and see his smiling face. You smile back for a second then break into a violent fight against the blankets, trying to get out of the cocoon.*

Aizawa POV *Taken by surprise Aizawa loosens his hold on both you and the blankets, allowing Y/N to escape with only mild struggle* "Woah!" (Aizawa) "HA! I won! Now come eat." (Y/N )

Aizawa POV *He watches you strut victoriously out of the bedroom and laughs slightly to himself.* *After getting dressed he walks out to your proud smile and warm breakfast - well lunch now* *He kissed your forehead and starts eating*

Y/N POV 'Sucker.' *Y/N ties Aizawa's long hair into a man bun with a large and extravagant scrunchie on top of his head and tries to holds back their laughter as he eats while looking suspiciously up at your shaking shoulders and muffled wheezes.*

Y/N POV *You only just realize that he knew what you did when you were pulled onto his lap and had one of his arms around your waist.* "H-Hey *wheeze* let me go! *another wheeze* I wasn't done! *more wheezes* (Y/N )

Aizawa POV 'I know you bafoon.' *he waits for you to calm down a bit and then starts to feed you too. You don't stop him and lean forward hungrily as he brings the fork to your mouth* 'Cutie'

POV a few hours later.

Aizawa POV *He looks at his man bun roughly made on his head and smiles' "Come on Aizawa! The store will close soon!" (Y/N calls from the front door ) *he smirks on more time then goes to you*

Y/N POV *You stare tearily with the dorkiest smile as he walks towards you, man bun flopping about with tendrils of his hair licking the edged of his scarf.* "Awwww, baby! Your gonna wear it? That's so cute!" (Y/N ) *You jump forward and hug him laughing*

POV During your time in town, you and Aizawa got MANY weird glances, but you didn't mind and never let go of your hands. On several occasions you had to stop so you could fiddle with his man bun some more to make it even more hilarious, but Aizawa let you and pecked your nose every time once you were done.

POV He would always lean against your back with his head resting on yours sleepily whilst you got everything you needed, occasionally reaching for the items you couldn't get.

POV When you both got home, he immediately picked you up after you put the things away and flopped on yours and his bed. Before you knew it you were both comfortably sleeping in each others arms.

Aizawa and Y/N POV 'You dork, I love you.'

hgeoiaboiffhoidhgibdrjkgfbrkai I can't - this is to adorable I just firgweangkdnlormaknrgieng Ok ok I'm good soory oop- I hope you enjoyed! Please follow me - so many like but don't follow like mmmmm. But I still love the likes!!!!

Bye lovelies!!! Please stay healthy and don't forget to drink water like I do oof. < 3

Story originally created by @skater_weeb :)) (I got my inspiration from here and there sorry for forgetting the names of people)


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