The Sisters
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Have you ever had someone tell you that you and your siblings are exactly alike, yet at the same time completely different?

The Sisters

Abigail: the oldest.

Favorite color has always been purple. Has no idea what the fuck is going on. Always crying. Daddy’s girl.

Has read the entire Harry Potter series 100 times, hates the movies. Can’t seem to get enough scarves or plastic bags. Cares too much and knows it.

Cat lady.

Sarah: Second child.

Favorite color was red, then black, then green, then blue. No one’s fool. Tries not to cry, cries a lot. Hates her father but acts just like him.

Can’t read Harry Potter because she saw the movies first and can’t get the stupid actors faces out of her head. Has 5 outfits. Doesn’t care about anything and pisses people off.

Dog person.

Sydney: Third child.

Favorite color was yellow, now blue. Knows everything but never tells anyone anything. Has a traumatic breakdown bi-annually.

Has a need to be individual in every way and so doesn’t resemble either of her parents.

Would rather be watching musicals than reading Harry Potter.

Looks like a supermodel most days but gets caught off guard wearing a grease-stained sweat suit.

Cares about all things all the time.

Cats and dogs.

Jackie: Fourth child.

Favorite color is purple. Always has the juicy details about the drama but never takes part.

Could show her a videos of impoverished puppies and she wouldn’t bat an eye.

Looks and acts exactly like her mother.

Has read Harry Potter and didn’t like it.

All her clothing has food patterns on it, her favorite being pineapple printed dresses. Has a limit on how much she can care.

Cat person.

Wilhelmina: Fifth child.

Favorite color is purple because it’s Abigail’s favorite color. Ignorance is bliss. Cries when she’s sick.

Loves her mom more than dad.

Has read the first Harry Potter book on her own but has made her sisters read her the entire series 100 times. Dresses like a blind baby prostitute.

Couldn’t care less about anything that doesn’t entertain her.

Dog person.

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