Indebted to Him forever!
Indebted to Him forever! stories

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This is a small token of gratitude to God for making life,so incredibly beautiful! This dinky poetry piece won't suffice, I know ..But,a small attempt is better than being numb... So,read this one,and get to know a few of our million blessings...

Indebted to Him forever!

by Sivaranjini Senthilvel

Nature's elegance

God Oh God!!! Befuddled whether to thank you For the dawn brimming with brilliance And the dusk suffused by tranquility Or for dazzling golden sunshines And silver-white winters...

Best gifts..

Bewildered whether to praise you For parents so unimaginably loving Who dealt with tender care, My obnoxious childhood And with so much forbearance My ire provoking teenage...

Relations are like rubies...

With what words shall I praise you, For giving relatives so solicitous about my success And friends who personify altruism and affection...

Words are pearls...

Should I be obliged to you For books wise and witty With words,like diamonds studded on silk Which inject sweet nectar into the veins, Astounding with their grandiloquence and mellifluence.

Blessings are infinite...

How to praise you For lips that elucidate exultation And caress wounded hearts with words soothing And for eyes shining bright, rolling tirelessly Trying to cherish the world's magnanimit

Ears to hear are precious possessions...

Should I be thankful For the grace in accepting criticism And for the glory in receiving rewarding compliments... Or for hearing honey-sweet music, Bird chirps and squirrel chatters and all

Life is full of juicy peaches!

Is this thanksgiving not very laconic In expressing how indebted To You I am For days brimming with so much satisfaction That made me blissfully say, "Everything is just peachy"?

Heart is brimming with gratitude...

Will this dinky token of gratitude sufficedly express How grateful feels my heart,to You For blessing it with an invaluable experience Of feeling million beautiful emotions and pink vibes?

Thanks a gazillion!!!

Thanks a million for all the rejoiceful victories Thanks a billion for all those painful failures, Thanks a trillion for lessons learnt the hard way! Thanks a gazillion for every colorful day!

I stay indebted indeed!!!

Having penned a few Among the million things I must thank you for, I stay indebted to you forever God Oh God!!!

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