Rainy Day Poetry...
Rainy Day Poetry... rainyday stories

sivaranjanisent Passionate poet,Writing is a blessing
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This is a poem written on a rainy day's beauty and how well it is admired by a poet! enjoy

Rainy Day Poetry...

by sivaranjanisent

Raindrops clap!

As I woke up,dribbling raindrops clapped hands,


And Thunder served the cheer leader, And I was spotlighted by Lightning


And I was vouchsafed with the most resplendent garment, Knit with petrichor!

SUN sick!

Mr.Sun took a sick- leave today,

MOON in lieu of the SUN

And to compensate,Miss.Moon over - worked in lieu of Him!

lazy rainy day...

Anyone can besmirch the beauty,Of this beautiful day,And chide it for being 'rainy and lazy',

i wouldn't chide this beautiful day!

But I Wouldn't! Because , this is exactly the day, I was waiting for ,

to throw the masks i wore..

To throw all the masks I wore, To hide myself from the sun,

i threw the mask i wore for the hoi polloi...

And to conceal my inner self from the hoi polloi...

i performed...

So I happily started performing.. On a paper,

i penned...

Penning down the voice of my heart!

what will better elate me?

Doing what else will be better elating? Than deriving solace by carrying out, My soul's purpose(writing), At least, this one morning?

like rain drops...

As the rain drops splattered, Like Pearls, On my window

words splattered like pearls...

I inked a few words From my word palette, Which like pearls, Splattered on the paper,


And painted ... A beautiful poetry......

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