Cry my beloved females...
Cry my beloved females... violence stories

sithebe writer.
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The clear break of humanity

Cry my beloved females...

I never date my work because I usually relate to it again but this I know, I don't want to relate to it again.. I don't even want to recognize my anger towards this

2 September 2019 Venue: South Africa

Yesterday was what I call a gruesome day in South Africa,

An epitome of what it looks like to be afraid.

Yesterday the death a young lady who was raped in a post office and killed there was discovered in the Western Cape. Yesterday they burned a man alive in Gauteng. Yesterday they were beating men in KwaZulu-Natal.

Yesterday we were appalled as the country, As the females of this country, As citizens of this country. Yesterday we realized what entitlement in patriarchy does, We realized that the is a lack o humanity.


Today we have a government that hasn't said anything. Today we are once again failed by the system in South Africa. Today our parents are begging us not to go to work. Today I weep.

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