Time kills (Pt. 1)
Time kills 

(Pt. 1)  poem stories

sisterniya22 "hurt people hurt people"
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They say time heals I thought it did too

Time kills (Pt. 1)

They say time heals

I thought it did too

Now I think time kills

it killed me and you

What happened to us?

we used to be a team

but we lost all our trust

we used to have dreams

We used to spend time together

i'm bursting at the seams

no matter the weather

if you know what I mean

I loved you so much

I've got to let go

sometimes I miss your touch

with you I felt so low

I miss you so much

but I had to know

i still remember the fun

it would be nice to have that again

but I'm done

I just don't know when

I fell in love with you

we had a good run

I wanted to marry you too

how we used to watch the sun

high tide

but I got tired of all the lies

I was by your side

you choose the other guy

you left me alone

with a broken heart

calling your phone

wishing you'd play your part

but it's fine

i'm over it

I got in line

i'm not going to throw a fit

I told you time kills

it killed you and me

it got it's fill

don't you see?

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