sincerely, yours Part 1
sincerely, yours 

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Last class of the day. I looked up at the clock. 15 more minutes until I get to go home. Mr. Lewis cleared his voice. I focused my attention on him.

sincerely, yours Part 1

Last class of the day. I looked up at the clock. 15 more minutes until I get to go home. Mr. Lewis cleared his voice. I focused my attention on him.

"Class I believe that we are finished for the day. You may have the last 15 or so minutes of class to get a head start on your homework. It's due at the beginning of class when I see you again.

He passed the papers out. I slipped mine in my bag. I don't think I can use my brain again until I get a nap. I put my head down. The next thing I know the bell's ringing.

I shove all my things in my bag and head out the classroom. I head to my locker. I pass Maya in the hall. I've known Maya for years. We've been best friends since diapers. She pulled me aside.

"Lea you will not believe the day I am having". She yelled happily. "What happened". I asked already happy for her.

"Well you know that I've been hoping and praying that Justin ask's me to homecoming....He asked. HE REALLY ASKED". She smiled. "I'm happy for you". I gushed. "I told him I'd go of course".

She exclaimed. Her phone started ringing. "I have to go. You know how my dad is. I'll talk to you later Lea. Love you". She gushed as she gave me the biggest hug in the world.

"Bye Maya, love you too". I gushed. I watched as she rushed down the hall. She waved every couple of seconds. I walked back to my locker. No one was in the halls now.

I grabbed my water bottle and my viola. I was about to close my locker when I noticed a piece of paper. I grabbed it and closed my locker. I stuffed in my jacket and headed towards the doors.

When I got outside it was really cold, for a day in early October. I zipped up my jacket. Then I remembered that I have to walk home today. I like walking home.

It gives me time to clear my head. Today I walked fast. Part of me wanted to know that paper was. Maya didn't say anything about having a note. By the time I got home it was raining.

Dad wasn't home yet. I grabbed my key from my bag and opened the door. Dad's usually not home till later. He's a firefighter, so he's always on duty. It's been really hard for us since Mom left. He acts like things are fine, but I know that's not the case.

I see my Mom every other weekend. She lives like 20 minutes away. She had a new husband. I know it hurts Dad to see me pack a bag and leave with her. I may have to see her every other weekend but no one said that I had to enjoy it.

I raided the kitchen for food and drinks. Then I headed to my room. I sat my bag on my desk. I pulled my jacket off and grabbed the note. I sat down on my bed. It was calling my name.

The note was in an envelope. hadn't noticed that before. I opened it.

you have officially made it past the first part of sincerely, yours!!! suggestions and comments are welcome Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I'll drop pt 2 at 100 reads in the mean time check out my other pieces

@Sisterniya22 Love you allll :):):):):):):)

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