How To Deal With Drama
How To Deal With Drama how stories

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I've seen this problem pop up too often. I decided to make this post, I couldn't see it continue any further.

How To Deal With Drama

Countless people fall victim to it, and too many situations get out of control. Today, I'll be clearing up what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do if you ever get into a situation one day.

1. You SHOULDN'T make a post about it. You're probably scratching your head, ("What do you mean?") You see, in the case that it's a troll. Making a post is exactly what you do NOT want to do.

Trolls want attention, unfortunately through malicious actions. You should SCREENSHOT what they have said to you, block and ignore them, and email Commaful. Commaful has CLEARLY said dozens of times to do this. And I advise you do the same.

By making posts spotlighting trolls, you're doing exactly what they want. And you'll get into even more drama. So, once again: Screenshot what they said, block them, and email Commaful.

2. Getting involved in drama you originally weren't in. It'll help you in the long run, besides, you have much better things to do anyway. Drama WILL eventually be over with, and it'd be sad if you waste your time being in it.

3. Try to avoid it altogether This one should be simple, if you sense warnings of potential drama. Please deal with it immediately. It'll avoid unnecessary arguments amongst the community and yourself.

REMEMBER: If you do get into drama: ;- Screenshot what the person said. ;- Block and ignore the person ;- Email Commaful, they respond faster there!

That's all I really have to say, goodbye for now! And I hope this post helped you.

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