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The first taste of my first project, its work in progress that I have just started. The concept of a Si-Fi fantasy book has always fascinated me, but I could never find the book I have wanted for so long. So I'm taking matters into my own hands. PLEASE I want criticism, I want to learn how to get better and your thoughts would help a lot.
(picture is from the game Elite: Dangerous)


Zal was looking over the interface with intent. Subsystems damaged: Communications link: Battery 2: Battery 3: Battery 5: MK III Axle Rotary Cannon 2

He changed the interface on the monitor, already fearing what the next page will say. Subsystems DM: Zarinu HF Reactor: Gala C LS. Whatever hit this outpost, hit it hard. The reactor is down.

Also, the life support is offline. He pondered his options for a moment, then he decided.

"Warning, Warning, Warning, This is Aegis, outpost ARR-72 confirmed attacked, requesting backup immediately, possible hostiles still on the ground." Zal finished his report.


Zal stopped moving. He knows what that sound was. It was a firearm's safety, probably a kinetic based one, deadlier than most plasma weapons at short range.

"Cease movement, surrender, and you will live." The voice was robotic, precise, and cold, a Sentel warrior.

Zal froze. If he moved, he would be shot by the warrior in an instant. If Zal surrendered, he would also be shot, probably after being tortured for information.

The Artificial creature spoke again. "Turn around." The hollow voice was so alien to Zal. It made a shiver go up his spine. If he wanted to live, he had to destroy whatever this thing is.

His plasma caster was not an option. It would take too long to pull from his back and aim.

His sidearm might do the job, but if this is one of the Sentel's heavier warrior models, the shot would simply bounce off the armor dealing nothing serious in damage.

That leaves his only option left, his broad sword.

The blade was currently sheathed on his hip in its metal casing, and last time he checked, it was fully charged. He calculated his chances.

If the warrior guessed what he is thinking, he would be dead in a second, shot to pieces.

If it was a bigger model, he would have to be quick, or the thing would just trample him with its weight. If it were a light model, it would go down quickly. I hope it's a lightweight model.

He held his breath for a moment, but only a moment. He swiftly grabbed his sword and turned to see what he is dealing with.

Standing before him is a 3 meter, Heavily armored behemoth of metal holding what looked like a small railgun, shadowed in the darkness of the room.

Zal's eyes widened as he saw this monster but did not change his plan.

His sword pulsed with energy and heat as he activated it. The blade shined a bright neon blue as it showed its proper form.

The activation of the blade coated its keen edge in superheated plasma. He did not hesitate.

Zal swung his blade in an arc, aiming to strike the warrior's lower torso and carve to its shoulder.

The edge made contact, causing sparks to fly wildly in all directions, lighting up the dim, cold room.

Zal's sword got halfway up the warrior's body until the blade lost contact, leaving a scar of molten metal across the adversary's chest, causing it's careful aim at Zal's head to be lost.

Two booming shots rang out from the railgun, making Zal's ears burn with pain and left him deafened. The warrior charged, causing Zal to slide out of its way, missing Zal by a few centimeters.

It slammed itself against the wall causing the room to shake violently.

Zal saw an opportunity. With the warrior next to a wall and its back exposed, he struck. He rushed at the warrior, weapon razed.

Aiming center mass, he plunged his sword into the back of the behemoth, causing it to shudder but for only a moment.

The Golems twitching stopped and went limp as it crashed into the wall again, now only a pile of scrap.

As he stood over the warrior's body, the buzzing in his ear stopped, only to be replaced by a voice. "Shots fired, shots fired report!"

He paused for a moment, thinking of what to say.

He spoke, "This is Aegis, hostile encountered, Heavyweight Sentel warrior, Hostile has been eliminated, confirmed Sentels have attacked the outpost, over."

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