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sinnachhi Hey!Thanks for stopping by my Page.
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These are the answers of the QNA post.... hope you guys will enjoy it. (:

Special thanks to @erammalik1234 for KICKSTARTING MY Stories!!!
DO LIKE AND FOLLOW me because more thriller stories are coming!!

Answers Of the QUESTIONS!

First of All, I want to Thank you "Eram" @erammalik1234 She was the first one, who by giving me Shoutout on my story introduced me to other fellow people on Commaful. I could never had reached here without her Help!!!!! Thank you so so so so much 😌

@speacialrose @avada_kedavara @izzy_06 @stargazer_ @aven12 @pro_crastinate @moon_girl63 @helensink Also, Special Thanks to all of these people for helping me through my journey!!

So, let's NOW Answer all the questions 😁--- Q-1) Favourite Writer on Commaful? By- izzy_06, erammalik1234 So, I would say "EVERYONE", each and every single person on this Platform is my Favourite....I like everyone's Work.... 😄😄

Q-2) If I had 3 wishes, what I would wish? By- infiniti My wishes- 1) Be a SUPER HERO 2) Be most Famous in the world 3)World PEACE ✌

Q-3) What moved me to start writing? By- stargrazer_ Actually, I had many thriller idea's in my mind, so I thought of making its story and then posting it on a Platform.

Q-4) Favourite Hobby. By- infiniti To play Video Game: - (like-Assassin's Creed, NFS, FIFA, GTA), Playing Badminton with my FAMILY, Writing stories on Commaful!!!

Q-6) Favourite Book and Author. by- fantastic06, magnalia NOT any specific favourite book but My favourite author is "Rabindranath Tagore", I love his Short Stories

Q-7) Favourite Movie. By- fantastic06 To be truthful- TOY STORY, HARRY POTTER, AVENGERS.

Q-8) WHAT IS MY GOAL? by- avada_kedavra To keep writing good stuff so that I can make You guys feel contented

Q-9) Favourite Song and Favourite Band/Singer. by-pro_crastinate, shazam775, chinmay12344 Song - I love almost every song but these I think I love the most "Demons", "Legends never die" and "Warriors" and my Fav Band is-- "Imagine Dragons"

Q-10) My Favourite Cricket team and Football team. by- chinmay12344 Cricket Team - "INDIA" Football Team- "JUVENTUS" (actually, whichever team in which Cristiano Ronaldo is!)

Q-11) Something about Me!! Well, I am the founder of the [Team××DDT] Don't Google it.... You will not find it.... DDT- Doom Dealing Team!!

AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU! THIS COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT ALL OF YOUR 'SUPPORT' AND 'LOVE'. You guys just keep supporting me and I will make sure to provide you guys the best short horror stories I can😃😃.

I hope I have answered everyone's questions and if any question is still left then "So Sorry". But You can comment me down the question and I will add that up here.

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