The Horrible Life Of A Superhero part 3
The Horrible Life Of A Superhero part 3 super hero stories

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When I woke up, my muscles were still extremely achy and sore. However, I felt like I could walk without telekinetic help. I managed to drag myself out of bed, and down somehow was able to go down the ladder and land on the floor. On my feet. Truly, I am achieving great things.

The Horrible Life Of A Superhero part 3

When I woke up, my muscles were still extremely achy and sore. However, I felt like I could walk without telekinetic help.

I managed to drag myself out of bed, and down somehow was able to go down the ladder and land on the floor. On my feet. Truly, I am achieving great things.

Tara was awake and on her phone, probably posting on her social media. Despite what you may think, we are allowed to have contact with the outside world.

In fact, we are encouraged to have social medias where we demonstrate our powers, because it boosts public opinion of us. Although, most of us have masks on when we post.

Not me, personally, because I don't have a social media-I do occasionally make an appearance of Tara's though-, but almost all Supers do,

aside from the very few greats whose identity is public information.

She was making smarties float into the air arrange themselves into whatever she pleased. It was colourful and artistic, something that I'll never create with my power.

I tiptoe carefully around the range of the camera, grab some clothes and enter our shared bathroom. After a long hot shower, I change into my loafing clothes.

I have no plans to do anything strenuous today.

When I enter the bedroom, Tara looks up and mouths the words; use your power, and swung the camera towards me.

So, she was posting. I rolled my eyes, but lazily waved a hand in the air, making smoke roll out my fingers, and make a dolphin, that swam gracefully around the room, in a river of sparks.

I smile, pleased with my work. I turn back, and curtsied to the camera. Tara stops recording and stand up. After posting the video-putting a digital mask on each of us, of course-she says

"Wanna go down to breakfast before everything good is gone?" She asks, stuffing her phone into her pocket.

I remember that it's Sunday and groan. The only day we ever have a GOOD breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, chocolate cereal, muffins...

The only thing is, it's a free for all. And being late like we are, everything is going to be gone. I grab Tara's hand anyway, and look down at my watch.

I hurriedly press some buttons, and we teleport down to the cafeteria.

No, I didn't just discover a secret power. No one has three powers.

All our watches our programmed to teleport to specific places, such as the cafeteria, the lobby, the Arena and the assembly hall.

You can get them to teleport to your room, but that you have to pay for that. Seeing as I have no money, I don't have that. Tara, of course, does.

Her fabulously wealthy parents bought her a the top of the range model. She gets about fifty uses out of it.

My battery is horrid, however, and you can only get about ten uses before you have to go for a charge-up.

We step into chaos. Actual chaos. Powers fly everywhere. People fly everywhere. No one is actually eating in here, because if they were dumb enough to do so, their food would get stolen.

I looked at Tara. She looked back. I grabbed her hand and we floated over the mess, and into the kitchen.

We managed to salvage a blueberry muffin, a chocolate muffin and some half empty hot chocolate-it had spilled.

It was more than we usually got.

We floated back out. Or at least, we tried to. One of the Try-outs, i.e. the oldest kids, also had telekinesis. We were ripped back to the floor, where kids pounced on our food.

I shot a firebolt around the room to try and distract them. The loud pop made some of the younger kids look away, so we tried to sneak out of the room with our remaining chocolate muffin.

It didn't work. Want to know why?

My firebolt had arced around the cafeteria and burnt all the remaining food to crisp. Everyone was now staring at us-well, mostly me- as if I had personally offended them. Time seemed to stop.

Then we ran.

Sprinting around the cafeteria-they horrible members of the administration locked the doors-they wanted us to fight, the brutes-Tara pressed the necessary buttons on her watch and yelled at me


I dashed to catch up to her, dodging lasers, ice, and poison, and grabbed her arm. I braced myself, waiting to tumble into our room...only to fall into the lobby instead.

After we had collected ourselves and our dignity off the floor, I panted to her

"Why here?"

"Because it's a no fighting zone. Also, they would have expected us to go back to the room"

Which was true.

"Let's have a morning in town, okay?" I asked her

"Sure, but I want to watch the fights in the afternoon" She told me, swinging my arm as we left the building.

Ah, yes, the fights. Quite possibly the most barbaric thing I have ever heard of. Apprentices of three years or more put their name in the cup and two random names get chosen.

Then, they are locked in an arena and they fight until one taps out or faints. Or dies. But that usually doesn't happen. It's against the rules to kill, anyways.

Three hours later...

After three hours of shopping on campus-yes, there are a few department stores on campus-, no, they won't let us off campus unless we have a mission,

I dragged my exhausted body back to our room. And, you lazy people who think I am out of shape, I am not. You try doing a three hour shopping trip.

In fact, I am sure I am in better shape than you, since I go to a school where all we do is train. So, there.

My exhausted body cooperated. I was very glad to flop down onto my bed. Tara was not. She practically dragged me away from precious relief, then teleported to the arena.

She loves watching the fights, and participating in them. Ever since third level. She's actually quite good at it, but there are people who are better. Such as the Five.

The Five is a group of try-outs who are the best in their level. So, the best in the school. Their powers are:

Talia: Hydrokinesis and shape shifting

Kaleigh: Cyrokinesis

Heidi: When she jumps, she makes gravity slow down in the nearest vincinity, so she and the people close to her float, and Super speed.

Freya: Flight, pyrokinesis

Layli: Control of lightning.

They're ranked in order of skill. So, facing Talia is suicidal, whilst you have a chance, it's small but there, of beating Layli.

Tara entered her name into the arena, and ended up facing Freya. She got burnt. A lot. She lost the match, and got carted off to the healer. I wasn't worried. Nothing the healers couldn't fix.

I was right. She was back in the stands with me five minutes later. Just in time to watch the last and most dangerous fight, against, an actual, real live troll. Yes, you heard right, a troll.

Huge, lumbering, beasts that are over twenty feet tall. You can only fight one if you're in the last or second last level, because it's that dangerous.

They can only be found in Australia, and they won't respond to anyone who is evil, which is good, because if a villain got their hands on one of them...

The announcer reached into the cup, and brought out a slip of paper. He read


Part 3 was too long for commaful. I'll leave you here with this cliff-hanger. You'll get part 4 tomorrow.

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