The Horrible Life of a Superhero part 13
The Horrible Life of a Superhero part 13 super hero stories
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He's a horrid git, yet I cannot help marveling at the way he moves. He moves with casual grace of a predator, his gait as smooth as flowing water. That's what affirmed that he was an assassin. No one can move like that without training.

The Horrible Life of a Superhero part 13

He's a horrid git, yet I cannot help marveling at the way he moves. He moves with casual grace of a predator, his gait as smooth as flowing water. That's what affirmed that he was an assassin.

No one can move like that without training.

That's also why I so easily agreed to help him, to form an alliance. He could have killed Tara easily when they were fighting him in the infirmary.

Despite her talents, he could have very easily slit her throat without a dagger. That's why I trusted him enough to do this, even without the story. I just wanted to know what made him tick.

I read about assassins, read about the games they play, twisted verbal sparring to gain some length of control. I heard about the torture and ruthlessness.

If a seasoned assassin is after you, then you're practically already dead. So, a good ally and a horrible enemy. If I had said no, I don't want to know how far his vow not to kill went.

I don't what to admit I'm scared but I am. I am absolutely petrified with fear. My heart thrums consistently, scared of the assassin, but mostly scared of myself.

I'm terrified of the thing inside of me.

The lessons with Maven are hell.

He riles me up until I feel like there is a volcano inside of me, ready to erupt, but still the demon does not come out. He has the gall to say he could stop it if it did. I know he could not.

I am not happy about it. He could not. The first time was a fluke. It was still adjusting to my body. What I felt down in that cave, the power radiating off that demon...

He could not stop it, and he doesn't understand that I am not happy about that.

And here's the true punchline: I trained for years to become, if not the most powerful person in the academy, at least one of the most dangerous.

To be able to fight, so even if I were mortal, I would be unstoppable. And now I am the most dangerous person in the academy, and I hate it.

"You need to fight harder!" He yelled at me, as we sparred. This sparring was different, from you know, sparring I could usually defeat him at.

No, this sparring was basically a battle of talents. But since he was a water-wielder and had nullshields he could block my every move.

And that's no even counting that he has A grade talents and I have a D positive at best.

Yeah. It's not a fair fight in the slightest.

But when was the last time something was fair?

"Are you too weak to fight? Are you too lazy, to sloppy?" He called

"You know, trying to get people angry when you know what they're doing won't work. Also, of course you're better, you have a grade talents! This isn't fair!" I shouted back

Tongues of water flicked my face, salt water stinging my several gashes. I blasted fire at him, but his shields blocked it. Like always.

"Is that really the best you can do?" He taunted

"Oh yeah, real original remark." I grumbled

Water lashed at me again, and I stood there as it drenched me, squinting my eyes and clenching my gut, as I stared towards Maven's shadow. I reached for the familiar pull, but felt nothing.

My talents weren't working-again.

This was worrisome.

They hadn't worked that time in the hallway, they hadn't worked several times when I was trying to use them when I was training with the assassin, and now, in the middle of a god damn fight,

they did absolutely nothing. Practically a whole lake cascaded onto me as frustration twisted. Stupid, unreliable talents!

Sparks flew from my hands as I shook them. I reached again for the tug, and this time I felt it pour into me as I gave it everything.

It whisked me along, and I reappeared behind Maven, inside his shields.

"Aha!" I said, triumphantly, as I punched him in the back of his head.

It's still instinct for me to use my hands and my feet instead of my talents. Clearly, this wasn't so for Maven.

Nullshields flared around me as he swirled. I was trapped. He sneered at me.

Oh great, I've made him mad, I thought as a wave of salty water slammed into me.

I swam desperately, trying to get my head above the water. I coughed out salty water, and rasped "Stop"

If he heard me, he made no movement to signify it. I was pommelled underwater once more, trapped in a energy prison, filled with salt water.

I was pushed into one of the walls of my bubble, and I shrieked underwater as I was scraped into a wall of what felt like icicles stabbing into my skin.

I floated onto the surface, wheezing and gasping for breath after being thrown around my little cubicle of water.

"Had enough, yet?" He asked me, smugly.

Something inside me broke at that. The volcano inside of me erupted.

In an instant I was back on the cliff, scrambling as the black wind tried to force me below. I still saw through my eyes, in a disorienting swirl of vision.

Fire crackled around me as whips of flame broke through the nullshield and evaporated the water.

A black cloud held Maven down as I stepped back onto sweet, solid ground.

In a flicker of light, I was myself again.

I looked around at Maven on the floor, struggling to get up as the black cloud slowly disintegrated. I didn't hear feet, so I assumed it was so brief no one had noticed.

So I made my decision, as stupid as it might have been.

I threw my hand out to the side and it gathered flame. I smiled in what I hope was a menacing fashion as I stepped towards Maven and held the fire, already sputtering, at his throat.

"You do not tell" I threatened him. I hope it sounded that way, at least.

Without looking to see if he nodded or not, I turned and fled out the door, ducked under the massive guard and crashed down hallway after hallway, heart pounding.

I didn't stop until I had raced out of the wing, and into the crowd. Lowering the hood of my dripping sweater, I melted into the hustle bustle and did not stop moving until I reached my old dorm.

I realized a split second after that I didn't know what I would say to Tara, even if she was there.

Fortunately for me, she wasn't, because I realized she would only look at me with fear on her face. We had made up after the last time, but I knew she was still scared.

Something inside me, something completely different, broke as I also realized that I couldn't tell her, if only for the selfish reason that I wanted to keep our friendship. But I needed someone.

What had this world come to, that I was relying on a former assassin to tell me what to do?

I certainly didn't know, nor did I care. I raced towards the empty gym, where I knew he would be.

He was. I waited at the door as I watched him fight one of the robotic dummies.

Once more, I marveled at the way he moved, each blow catching the dummy where I knew that if it were a real person, would hurt the most.

I had tried to be stealthy, but clearly it didn't work, because he turned towards me and, with a slight scowl asked, "What?"

I already regretted it.

"Um...I need to tell you something."

He heaved a sigh, as he said, "I don't particularly care what cruelties Maven did this time."

He turned his back on me,

It stung, but I had expected no less. "It's not that. It-it happened again."

He spun, his foot neatly connecting with the dummies chest as he did so.


I closed my eyes in embarrassment. ""You know-the thing." I twisted my fingers behind my back, as he said, "Fine. Fine. Tell me what happened. Tell me what you did"

He downed the dummy and stalked over to one of the wooden benches lining the walls.

I did not want to do this. I did not want to do this. But I was too far in to back out now. I heaved a sigh, and sat down. The words flowed out of me.

When I was done, he stood up and paced, his footfalls noiseless against the polished wood.

"Without water" He mused

"Yeah" I said, because what else could I really say?

"So this...demon, willing handed control back to you?"

I flinched at his words, but nodded.


I shrugged hopelessly. Nothing I had ever read had told me about demons who took control of you seemingly to protect you, and then yield control back.

But honestly, if I were an author, my topic of choice may not have been demons.

"The-the demon, " I began, hissing the last word, "seemed almost...civilized when I talked to him"

"Right. And when, exactly, were you planning to mention that you talked to it?"

I winced. I may have accidentally on purpose left out that part when explaining to them.

"Well. Um. That doesn't matter now. Anyhow, the past two times when the thing happened, in my mind, I was holding onto a cliff ledge. There are black winds, and they try to propel me down.

When I let go, It took me to it's cave. It was a monster with no body, only a form of shadow and fire. It spoke to me. It told me about being there at the beginning of time.

You know, menacing stuff. It said I would need it. Then the water came, and it said it would see me again. And then I was me again"

The assassin raised his eyebrows at that.

"You barely spoke to it" He remarked

"Yeah, but it wasn't all snarly and growly. It spoke proper sentences. Eloquently. "

"A demon. Who appears to be sentient enough to speak proper sentences. And seems to have protected you. That's what you think is inside of you." The assassin frowned at me skeptically.

"Yes" I said

And you were only on the cliff the past two times" He said.

"Why?" He interrogated.

"I DON'T KNOW! JUST BECAUSE IT'S INSIDE OF ME DOESN'T MEAN I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!" I screamed. What can I say? He talked like I knew everything about it, which I clearly did not.

He didn't even seem fazed.

"Calm down. I was simply asking questions, because I need to know more."

I scowled. "Why?" I queried

"I told you, I don't want to be killed in my sleep."

"No. The other reason. I know there is one." I pushed

His face shuttered, blocking out any emotion.

He calmly said, "That's none of your business", and calmly walked out the door, leaving me alone in the gym, leaving only the squeak of the door in his wake.

I heaved a sigh. Once more blocked out.

Author's note-13 parts! Look at me go! I'd appreciate it if you'd give this part a like!

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