The Horrible Life of a Superhero part 10
The Horrible Life of a Superhero part 10 fantasy stories
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Jay POV The darkness was too much, too overwhelming. It crashed over me, bring waves upon waves of nausea. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn't, it wouldn't leave my mouth.

The Horrible Life of a Superhero part 10


The darkness was too much, too overwhelming. It crashed over me, bring waves upon waves of nausea. I wanted to vomit, but I couldn't, it wouldn't leave my mouth.

I could see through my eyes, but could not control my movements. I was stuck, trapped on a ledge of a cliff when the demon roaring in my head controlled everything.

There was nothing I could do- only had to hope someone would get me with water and nothing would happen. Not that I really cared about the weasel assassin, but if I hurt Tara-

So I let go. I let go off the cliff edge and fell. Instantly, I was blasted down, suctioned to the depths by fierce black winds.

Instinctively, I fought it, struggling to get back up, thrashing as I was carried closer to the bottom. The black winds pushed me, back down every time.

I was doing nothing but wasting my energy as I fell to my sure doom.

So I gave up, hoping it was like Chinese handcuffs-the more you struggle, the harder it gets, but if you relax...

SO I did, and the winds steadied to a slow breeze, carrying me gently down, down, down. I could no longer see through my eyes, no longer knew if I was hurting or maiming or killing.

No longer cared. I couldn't hear the screams.

As I floated further down, I forgot them, forgot why I was here. I was content to let the smooth currents of black wind take me away.

Until It dropped me into the open maw of a cavern, from which malevolence radiated with a passion.

So I did the obvious thing. I went inside and hoped I wouldn't die. What else can you do?

The cavern was gloomy and dark, so I couldn't see where i was going.

Several times I tripped over my feet, or bashed my head on a stalactite,

which made me wonder why I was being so stupid and going into a place where I couldn't even see two feet in front of my face. Yet I continued, my legs somehow resisting my attempts to stop them.

The black wind pushed me on, gently encouraging me to go further. It seems the wind was either as evil as the thing in the cave-or maybe the cave itself?-or as stupid as me.

I decided I didn't want the answer.

I ventured further and further into the cave, time blurring in my mind. Had it been days, or hours, or seconds? I didn't know. What I did know, however, was that my feet hurt. A lot.

The floor of the cave was so uneven, and again, because there was no light, I couldn't see what I was doing.

I think, had it been a few minutes more, I would have collapsed to the floor and cried, but fortunately-or unfortunately, I found the source of evil.

Which shouldn't have made me happy, but it did. Until I thought of the journey back. And the fact that this thing was radiating malevolence.

Author's note. Well, look at me! I got to part 10! if you think these chapters are really short for a book, yeah, I know. I'm going to do a big edit when I finish this, the rough draft. But, anyway. 10 parts! Please leave a like if you like!

Sitting down and crying suddenly didn't seem like such a bad thing.

The thing was not really the kind of monster that lives under the bed. Oh, no, this thing was far more terrifying that a regular under-the-bed monster.

It was a swirling mass of red and black tendrils, the only feature the had a resemblance to a human's was a dark black gap for a mouth.

It seemed like amore precise version of a toddler's crayon scribbling, only with a mouth. In a cavern.

"Who are you?" I squeaked out. Honestly, I'm impressed I managed to speak at all, given my insides were constricted with fear.

if there was ever an evil chuckle, then the noise the came out of the crayon scribble was it. It was deep and rich, which is not the sort of voice I was expecting from a monster.

"Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand. I was here at the beginning of time, and I will be here at the end, too. I am your deepest, darkest fears, I am the ravaging fire that consumes all.

I am your nightmare and your saviour, human." Its voice was faintly amused. I was not.

And then it clicked. I was embarrassed it took so long.

"You're the demon-the one that controlled me. The one-the one that's controlling me now." Bile climbed up my throat. I was stuck down here, in my own mind.

"Name me what you wish. Eventually you will call upon me."

Something inside of me snarled at that. Since I was all about being an idiot today, I shouted at it, "I will NEVER call upon you! You're hurting me, hurting others! I will never need your help!"

It was silent for a second. Then, it said, its voice still tinged with amusement, "Oh, look. Here's your ride."

For a second, the words didn't compute. I had just shouted at it, why was I not dead? My ride?

The roar of the waves pounded down the tunnel, crashing towards me.

"Goodbye" it said, and it receded, recoiling at the touch of water.

"Wait! What are you-?" I screamed

The water cascaded over me, flooding the cavern. For a second, I resisted, and it didn't do anything to me.

Then it pulled me away, sweeping me around and back, pulling me up, up, up, to the top of the cliff, where calming, sweet, welcome darkness awaited. It launched me up, and I didn't complain.

I felt my head thud onto the ground. I felt eyes on me. I heard movement, someone rolling away.

I felt hands grab me, I felt the soft downy of the pillow, the mattress that sank under my weight. I felt heavy blankets. I took all of this as an indicator to sleep. So I did.

I flitted in and out of sweet unicorn dream land and a dark thunderous beach with a fire scribble demon fighting a shadow scribble demon.

"You must-" They shouted over the waves, lightning illuminating their movements.

Unfortunately, I never heard the next bit, because I shifted to unicorn land, where a unicorn prodded me with its horn. Even the dream unicorns hate me.

I woke up in a large comforting room, quite different from the infirmary, but equipped with just as many, if not more, medical devices.

At the moment, I was hooked up to quite a few of them, so I couldn't exactly move. But even if I wanted to, my body felt like dirty sludge that kids had tromped on after an exciting recess.

I tried to speak, but it came out as more of a gurgle. Instantly, doors opened, and many, many doctor's bustled in, none of whom giving off the incompetent vibe of the last.

No, they seemed fully trained.

"Whag-what is ghis pace" I tried to say 'what is this place', but bile infected the words. I saw small signs of fear from some of the younger doctors.

A blink at my words, a flinch as they looked at me. I felt my heart sink.

Thankfully, the doctors understood.

"This is Dr. Laruch's rooms."

"Gho?" I had no idea who that was. Was i supposed to know everybody who came to this stupid place?

I saw some of them exchange disapproving glances. Maybe he was important.

Finally. one of them answered. "He's the school's education minister, with a doctorate in genetics"

Oooh, fancy title. What can I say? I don't waste my time learning the names of people whom I shall never meet in my life because they would not deign stoop to my level.

Yeah, in case you were wondering, I do have a grudge about that.

It's more Tara's thing anyway. Bet she knows who he is.

I stared blankly at them, hoping for more information, but they seemed to be done talking.

After hours and hours of tests, they released me with the command to stop by tomorrow after the lesson with Maven-ugh, I still had to do those-for more tests.

When I asked when I could go back to the regular class and not with Maven, and, oh, why was there a demon inside of me?

Okay, I didn't ask that last part, as I assumed I would get answers tomorrow, but when I asked that first bit,

they just smiled blandly at me and told me another bit of earth shattering news-I would no longer be sharing a dorm room with Tara.

I could only stare. I have always, always shared a dorm with her, even though she could have afforded a private one. I felt my heart sink down to my stomach, into a well of grief.

Have you ever felt that feeling when you're in shock and slowly coming to and you can feel an ache inside of you? Well, that's what I felt. My head hurt. I couldn't. I just couldn't.

I wanted the past few months to rewind.

When I managed to choke out the question of where I would be staying, they told me the room of dr. So and So. Not even a regular room, but I couldn't even care anymore. I ran out of there.

When I'm hurt or tired or angry I run, and I run. I ran past Tara, who was waiting for me. My heartache somewhat lifted at that, but plummeted when I saw her nervous look.

Even she was scared of me.

I breezed past her, not caring that she ran past me. I ran in empty hallway after hallway, to the abandoned bathroom I had found a few years ago. A sanctuary.

A hand found my shoulder and pulled me back. I fell to the ground. I swiveled and turned around to scowl at Tara.

"I don-

It wasn't Tara. It was the assassin, his face ghost white. I felt my anger go through the roof, and I tried to light my hands up to tell him that. But nothing happened.

Tara, huffing and puffing caught up, and was thoroughly confused. She looked from me to the assassin, blush creeping up her face. Awkward, but whatever.

i made to punch the assassin, but in one fluid movement he ducked and grabbed my arm, holding it in place.

Without even looking at me, he said, "I need your help"

I think my face went as white as his.

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