The Horrible Life of a Superhero edited chapter 3
The Horrible Life of a Superhero edited chapter 3 super hero stories

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Jackson POV I hate everyone in this school. No, that's not a lie, or an over exaggeration. They think their powers make them soooo special. Yet they won't even heal my sister.

The Horrible Life of a Superhero edited chapter 3

Jackson POV

I hate everyone in this school. No, that's not a lie, or an over exaggeration. They think their powers make them soooo special. Yet they won't even heal my sister.

"You shouldn't be so rude, you know" says the girl who levitated me into the air

All I did was push her, because I was angry. And I had every right to be angry.

"Put me down" I tried for a menacing tone.

"Learn your lesson, and maybe I will"

I tried to phase out of her hold, but her force held my particles together. I scowled at her, and reached with my mind, and read her emotions.

She was angry, furious to say the least But not at me. She was angry and frustrated at something else. She was also very very sad, but that was hidden down underneath.

She was trying to bury her sadness. She was also feeling despair-strands of multicolours flashed through her, mostly in deep blue colours, but tinted with red and orange and purple.

She was also confused.

This girl was complicated, to say the least.

I almost felt bad for hers, since her emotions indicated that something tragic was happening to her, but that was quickly smothered by my own anger and hate and tragedy.

She was kinda hot. Her already dark skin was tanned, her coffee coloured hair was framed her face perfectly, and her eyes glinted like emeralds. That was irrelevant though.

I hated her for putting me up here.

I hated that everybody stopped to look at me and laugh. I heard them whisper about my being a new kid. I guess they didn't take kindly for those here.

There were a of lot whispers and points about 'the girl who exploded'. They were looking at the girl.

"Let me go. Now." I told her

"Or else what? Are you going to run crying to your mommy?" a random guy mocked.

The girl looked startled, but she didn't say anything. My stomach twisted, and I wished I had any good talents. All I can do is phase, and read other people's emotions.

It's so lame and useless, that barely anyone knows I can do it. And I already tried to phase.

This girl obviously has some sort of telekinesis. I doubted she had any other, or else she would have used it. Or maybe she has a mind talent, or a useless one, or both, like me.

"Hmmmm, no. Considering that my 'mommy' is on the other side of the country, I can't. Or maybe you're too dumb to notice that.

The or else is that I will kill you in your sleep, since you have to let me down some day."

Everyone gasped. I guess they weren't used to people making death threats. Which was weird, since they lived in a school with little kids, who had deadly talents.

"Yeah...if I don't kill you first" the girl shot back

She was definitely popular.

The younger kids were slightly in awe of her, and the way she held herself, even when she was angry and sad, was a sure sign that she lived in the hot popular girl bubble.

That's it, I didn't like her.

"Ha. If you had the guts to do so, then you'd have done it already. " I knew this was true. She didn't have it in her to kill.

"What, and you think you do?" She said, probably rhetorically, but I replied anyway.

"You don't know the things I would do"

She laughed. My blood boiled. It was the truth, and if she got in the way between me and my goal, she was going to die.

"Just what are you doing, Miss Dayanae?"

The girl whirled around, the ghosts of her laugh fading from her face.

"With all due respect, Mr. Trent, he provoked me!"

You have to be kidding me. I read her emotions again, and realized she felt no respect towards the teacher-she was manipulating him. She earned a bit of my respect, then.

"Miss Dayanae, you should know better than that. And, Mr. Asesina. What, exactly were you doing?"

I stared at him with the utmost dislike. I sneered, and walked away.

"Don't you dare walk away from me, young man! That is detention for you! Stop right there or it's double detention."

He could do absolutely nothing to me. I phased through a wall, and his cries faded away to nothing. It was kinda funny the way he thought he could do anything to me, but I was also angry.

I was angry because I was...I didn't know. I was just angry at everybody and everything.

How dare she humiliate me in front of everyone? How dare he presume to keep me in line? And why did they admit me into their oh so special school? They knew what I was, what I still am.

I went up to my dorm-thankfully a private one-and wrote my step-sister a letter.

Dear Amelia

School is horrible. I know you wanted to come, but it's for the best that you aren't. Somebody levitated me into the air and humiliated me in front of an entire corridor of people.

Then, a teacher came along, and didn't punish her, but tried to punish me. I just left, but he really tried.

The teachers are pathetic, and the students are sheep, believing that they're all going to become 'superheroes' and save the world every other day. Hah.

Half of them are probably going to fail, and only an eighth actually become heroes. But enough about them. How are you? I miss you. I wish Mom didn't send me here, but she's afraid of me.

Don't worry, I'm not going to go pyscho, even though they deserve it.

I promise, I'm going to find you a healer. But in the meantime, just try and rest, okay?

Love, Jackson

I sent it off through the only worthy part of the school-the post office. Then, I went to sleep, furiously trying not to cry.

I woke up to a wonderful thing. It was Saturday! No lessons! I could just stay in my room all day...

or I could look for possible escape routes, so that when I found a healer, we could leave straight away.

I phased through the wall, and went down countless of stairs. Why don't I just phase through the floor, you ask? Well, I have before.

Only I didn't think it through, and I fell straight through the floor, from the ceiling, and six feet down, and broke my arm. That was annoying.

Wait. Wait. Wait. That was a brilliant idea! All I had to do was get hurt, grab the healer that helped, and get out of here!

After they healed me, of course.

What dangerous thing was going on today? This school, for being so 'good', fought a lot. A lot, a lot. What was the event today? Ah, yes. Gladiator matches and troll fights.

Good to know this school is so modern.

It's also very big. I spent ages puzzling my way around corridors, and sending scowls at students who gaped at me, before I found the arena.

It has sand in it! Sand for the floor, like roman times! There people were barbaric. What did i have to do to get hurt here?

it became evident pretty quickly that getting hurt was simple, easy, and happened all the time. You just entered your name, and you'd randomly get paired up and you dueled.

That sounds dramatic, but it's actually not. They just fling powers at each other, brutally and inefficiently.

Barely anyone used any weapons, and the people who did had talents based on weapons. It was a little disappointing, to be honest.

I'd been in real fights, and these talentless displays showcased how they relied on their talents only. Pathetic.

I entered my name anyhow, thinking that even if I wasn't going to get hurt, at least I could whip their sad butts into shape.

Many fights went by, until my name was called. I even noticed a pattern in the way the winner's usually fought.

They did blasted all their talents straight away, forcing their opponent to go in defense, then, they would do little displays of power until their opponent was exhausted, and they surrendered.

It was an okay strategy, but slow, and overused. Where was the finesse, the skill in their moves?

"Jackson and Tara!"

Oh, there I was. I made my way into the arena, and took a dagger of the wall. The whole school fell silent. Gossip was one of the fastest things on this planet.

Everyone knew about what happened yesterday, and if they didn't they'd be told soon. I smiled and waved to absolutely no applause.

I surveyed the crowd, until my stare landed on the girl. In the arena. My Adam's apple slid into my stomach, and the grin was wiped off my face.

The girl I was facing was the girl from yesterday. Her name was Tara, I guess. She was still sad, coated in a melancholy blue, but she pulsed with red. Anger at me, and anger at the school.

She was also mixed with hints of purple-surprise, I think, or pride. Well, I was surprised too.

The clock went off. The game had started.

He eyes narrowed, and she flicked her hand at me, saying, bring it.

That was my line! I tilted my head at her, and raised my dagger, holding it tight in my grip, so she didn't use her telekinesis to yank it away from me.

It wasn't a great dagger, not like the one I was used to, but it would do.

Sure enough, that was her first move. My dagger tried to fly out my hand, but I held it tight. She raised her eyebrows in surprise, and eyed my weapon. Then, she made her move. But not at me.

She sprinted to the weapons wall, probably thinking that she was outclassed. I sprinted for her, but she knocked me back with a telekinetic blast. The crowd gave an appreciative oohhh.

Aaaaaaand the letter count iS reached

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