Running, dying, surviving
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So I made a deal with the devil. And now, I am running for not only my life, but everyone else's. But I am going to die, either way.

Running, dying, surviving

So I made a deal with a devil.

The devil. The actual one.

He told me that I could go on with my life, living alone for enternity.

Or I could run a race against him. If I won, then all the wrongs in the world would be righted.

The mothers that were killed. The children that were abused. My parents would come back to life.

Even if I wasn't there to see it.

If I lost this race, I would die. No wrongs be righted.

If I won, I would also die. But, the wrongs would be righted. And I would get to see my parents again.

My life for theirs. I'm happy to make that deal, always would be.

I don't know why he made this deal with me.

I don't know if it's because he likess me or he hates me.

I don't care, either way.

I've always been a fast runner. But can I outrun death?

I'm at the starting line. We're running five K.

I get a twenty second head start.

The bang of the gun. The adrenaline of the race.

My feet are flying, I know I'm burning too much energy too quickly. But I can't stop.

I can hear death behind me. Well. I can't actually hear him, of course, but I can sense him.

I am running, slowing down now. My heart is beating madly in my chest, a sign that I'm still alive. For now.

That's funny, because I feel like I'm dying.

My heart is going to burst out of my chest, my lungs are on the brink of imploding.

My steps are slowing. I'm stumbling, then speeding up. Then repeat.

I'm dying Dying Dead

I shake my head. No time for self-pity. I have to save them.

I force myself to run, tears streaming down my cheeks from the effort and from the thought.

When I run, I cry.

I grit my teeth, and run, powering through the forest. How tragic that my last sight is so beautiful.

And it is my last sight, because I see the line. The line where I die, but everyone else survives.

I don't want to cross it.

I do.

As I feel death reaching out to me, I run over the line.

Darkness immediately envelopes me. But I can see my parents, along with so many other people, reborn.

"I love you" They tell me.

"I love you too"

I die with a smile on my face, grinning as the black becomes suffocating.

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