If we were loved
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What would have happened id we had been loved. Strolling down the highway, alone and miserable.

If we were loved

What would have happened if we were loved?

Would we be someone else?

Would I be in my mansion, having used my smarts for the better?

Would I not be running from the police?

Miserable and alone

Some people take love for granted

I don't

Probably because I've never had it.

But I don't blame other people.

I wouldn't love myself.

I don't love myself.


Miserable Miserable

Miserable Miserable Miserable

I hate myself.

I hate my life.

Should I end it all?

I want to have love in this life first.

I walk through rainy streets, lonely and sad.


A dog runs up to me.

It follows me.

It's a small little thing, white with black spots. Starving.

I pick it up. It's a boy.

"I promise, little guy, that you will have a good life"

It's young and alone.

I know how it feels.

I take it back to my place; a mangy apartment that the police would never look for.

I get a part-time job. How?

Because I pass as a high-school student. I'm only twenty.

I buy the dog dog food and a bed. He likes to sleep with me, though. I name him Woody.

It's been five years. The police have stopped looking for me. Woody is the love of my life.

I love him like a son. He saved me.

Maybe I'm glad that I never got love.

It wouldn't matter, anyway.

I've still got love to give.

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