I am Nothing
I am Nothing romance stories

sinkingfox Community member
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You can't love nothing. Nothing loves, though.

I am Nothing

I am nothing, nothing to you

You don't love me like I do you

So I watch you from afar My heart keeps burning with it's scar

The one you cut

And now my whole life is in a rut

Because the way I look at you with the power of the stars, the sun, the moon The way I want to hold you when you're singing a silent tune

I want to kiss you in the night Want to hold you, I lost a fight

You're beautiful and all, but that's not why I see you, helping others, and I sigh a dreamy sigh

She gives it all for other people, would save a stranger for her life She would pull you from the fire, protect you from the knife

So now you know why I love her, now you know why I need her

Because I will never be her

But to her I am nothing

I am a waste of space

A two to her ace

Will I ever be anything?

No, they say

You will always be nothing

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