Burn It All Down part 4
Burn It All Down part 4 fantasy stories

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Will Natasha die, or will she not, that is the question. Complete with an unexpected plot twist.

Burn It All Down part 4

Natasha could but watch as the icicle plummeted towards her, and she prepared to meet her end.

But then, at the last moment, the icicle stopped and hovered in mid-air. Natasha looked around, confused.

The ice king, Trood, stood at the end of the ice hallway with his hand held out. He flicked his wrist and the icicle shifted and went flying into a wall, shattering.

He strode towards Natasha, who thought she might dissolve from panic.

She couldn't summon a single spark.

Trood, the venerable ice king, stood at the end of the hallway and said: "Welcome, daughter"

And Natasha's world collapsed.

Find out what happens next in Part 5!

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