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there's something about this boy.

there's something

there's something about him,

something that makes me love him so dearly.

maybe it's how much he cares,

not just about me, but about others and everything around him.

maybe it's the way he knows how to make me smile when I'm having a good day

maybe it's the way he holds my hand, to reassure me, it'll be okay.

maybe it's the way he smiles, his smile makes even the darkest of days seem brighter than the sun.

i love his smile, i love his hair, i love how thoughtful and amazing he is.

his eyes, oh, his eyes. when he stares at me I can't help but blush because all I see in those eyes are love.

I couldn't ask for anyone better.

I love him

So much.

words can not describe how I feel but trust me when I say,

I love you.

I love your laugh, I love your smile, your eyes, how much you care, how you know exactly how I'm feeling.

There's no proper end to a story like this,

but i just wanted to express my emotions.

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