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in honor of best friend day, a story about my best friend @ant

my best friend

my best friend's name is anthony.

he's amazing,

insanely caring and sweet,

and so much more.

my best friend knows how to play many instruments,

bass being his favorite,

i love watching him play bass, he looks like he's having fun.

i feel like if i had to choose one person to live with for the rest of my life,

it would be anthony.

we have the best conversations,

and we enjoy each other's company even if we don't talk.

he doubles as my boyfriend, so that's a plus.

i've fallen in love with my best friend,

and let me tell you,

no matter how cliche that is,

it's a m a z i n g.

but anyways,

he gave me a necklace,

he gave me his jacket,

and his shirt.

he's so great, i can't emphasize that enough.

he listens to me rant about LGBT+ issues, or about my father,

he listens to me sob about dysphoria and such.

i couldn't ask for a better best friend,

he listens to me,

he helps me,

he shows me off,

and i love it.

he provides me with love and affection,

which i don't feel i deserve.

but, i couldn't ask for anyone better,

and i know it's gonna be us for a long time.

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