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good morning liebchen,

i hope you slept well.

liebchen, do you know how happy you have made me?

my sad thoughts, while i do still have them, are quickly pushed away, and replaced with thoughts of you.

you calm me down, make me happy, i can't express how happy i am you are in my life.

i can't explain how much you mean to me,

i can't really explain my emotions, and i try to hide,

but all you do is see right through me.

i love how caring you are,

while it can be your downfall at times, i still love it.

we have so much in common liebchen,

our love for writing, our love for music, and so much more.

while my dreams of broadway are far fetched,

you are still amazingly supportive of me.

i love watching you grow,

and i love watching you be you.

i just love you, liebchen.

everything about you.

how amazingly talented you are,

how caring you are,

i love your flaws,

and everything else that comes with you.

oh liebchen,

please stay with me through it all.

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