Girl Crush(es)
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Girl Crush(es)

To the first girl I had a crush on,

You were beautiful. Utterly gorgeous. It was too bad your personality did not match that.

Liars don’t make good girlfriends.

Lies don’t make good relationships.

You go out, spreading lies, telling me wonderful things in front of my face.

“I want to be with you,”

Why must you lie about that?

I liked you. A lot. I liked you to the point where I wanted to get to school early to say hello to you, to speak with you, to hold your hand. And God, you were perfect in my eyes.

I didn’t believe what one of my best friends had told me. I should’ve. But,

I didn’t.

I had more faith in you.

I thought I knew you better, I thought you wouldn’t lie to me. I just wanted to believe someone as beautiful as you would like me.

I was an idiot. You told me lies, all the time. I don’t care that you didn’t like me. I was over it. It was the fact that you lead me on for a long time, holding my hand, hugging me, telling me,

“I want to be with you,”

You shouldn’t do that to someone, don’t get their hopes up, break my heart but do it fast. Don’t give me weeks to develop stronger feelings, to make me feel special.

Only to go behind my back and tell others that you don’t like me at all.

Don’t tell me you didn’t know what you were doing, because you did. Don’t tell me you weren’t lying, because I know you were.

And now I can’t even look at you. Everything about you infuriates me. Your voice either makes me want to cry or makes me want to rip my hair out. I doubt everything you say.

The way you hold yourself above everyone, kills me. I can’t stand it. I want to have you out of my life. But, you’re in it and there’s nothing I can do about it.

To the second girl I have a crush on,

I really like you.

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