Dear Best Friend
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sincerelybee 16 | writer | musician | actor
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I wrote this up quickly,

as my best friend was sitting in front of me.

Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

We met only a few months ago, and it's quite crazy how quickly we became best friends.

From the very beginning, I felt as if I could tell you anything. You quickly gained my trust, which was scary to me.

You are the most caring person I know.

You can make me laugh with just a look,

And you encourage me in most things I do.

Best friend,

thank you for being there for me,

thank you for making me realize I deserve better than someone who won't appreciate me.

Best friend,

You are the best person I have ever met,

and one of the nicest too.

You are going to be my best friend for a long time, I can feel it.

You apologize too much for it to be normal,

I do as well, but we're working on it.

You can't help but make me happy.

I love our inside jokes, our weird eye contact at lunch.

I love it all.

Dear best friend,

I don't deserve you at all.

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