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my entire life, the titles "girl" and "boy" were quite weird to me.

coming out

my entire life,

the titles "girl" and "boy" were quite weird to me.

for the longest time, i was titled a girl and i used she/her pronouns.

that's who i was.


meaning within the past year or so,

i have began to question everything about myself.

from my sexuality and to my gender.

who was i?

was i bisexual? was i a lesbian?

it took me a bit, but i finally landed on bisexual.

i was bisexual, i was a bisexual girl.

however, my gender became an issue as well..

because when my body started to change, and i continued to grow,

i didn't feel right in my body at times.

and while yes, these can be passed off as a phase i'm going through, a lot of teens dislike their body.

it was didn't for me, i didn't feel right. i didn't feel like i was in the right body at times.

i researched online, and i talked to my closest friends about it.

and when i was done questioning, i realized that i was gender non-binary.

i told people i wanted to start using they/them pronouns,

and to please, please, call me bee. there are times where i can't stand being called laura.

i had finally landed on something i was comfortable with,

and sure a few people disagreed and told me "there's only 2 genders!!" i kept my chin up,

with a little help from my friends of course.

my pronouns are they/them.

here i'll use them in a sentence, if that helps.


and while there are people out there who don't want to use the correct pronouns,

there are also people out there who correct themselves even when i'm not in the room.

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