an ode to anthony
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my english teacher asked me to write an ode.

i do write a lot about anthony i suppose, but he gives me the most inspiration. @ant

an ode to anthony

Dear Anthony,

when i first met you,

i didn’t know how happy you would make me.

When i am around you,

i feel as if i am the only person in the world.

You make me smile in times i never thought i would.

I can rely you, I trust you, I love you.

Like a theatre kid loves Broadway,

Like you love your instruments.

Our love is like a battlefield.

We’ve had people tell us we’re stupid to be together,

that it is a bad idea.

So many hated the idea of us,

but we persisted and we’re winning the war.

I love being with you,

you make me feel safe.

At home.


I’ve never had someone like you.

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