a choking feeling
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sincerelybee 16 | writer | musician | actor
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it's 7:29pm

a choking feeling

it's 7:29pm,

i sit on my bed, legs bouncing up and down, my phone next to me.

i glance at my phone, no messages.

no notifications.

a choking feeling is in my throat.

i'm going to cry.

it's 7:31pm,

i'm holding my head in my hands,

i keep repeating,

no tears, no crying, no tears, no crying,

it didn't work.

tears ran down my cheeks,

the choking feeling still present,

as i try to hold back tears.

it's 7:35pm,

i check my phone,

a text message,

and i sob even more,

it's not my place to be upset.

i can not cry every time someone is slightly upset with me.

text messages continue to flow in,

from a single person.

i'm sorry

i mumble, through tears,

i'm sorry

i lay on the ground,

sobbing, the choking feeling goes away.

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