°•~Reacting to bios Part 2~•°
°•~Reacting to bios Part 2~•° reaction stories

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Hiya! Welcome to part 2!~ Hope you enjoy!~

°•~Reacting to bios Part 2~•°

Hiya! Welcome to part 2!~

Hope you enjoy!~

Off we go!~

@winterends 'α ℓιттℓє вιт єνιℓ' Only a little bit? Why not a lot? *Sprinkles more evil* ✨H e h e✨

@pink_rose 'ⅈ ꪖꪑ 𝕥ꫝꫀ ᥴꪶꪊꫀ ꪶꫀડડ ꪮꪀꫀ!' Love the Font ✨ It's very ✨ S p e c i a l ✨ Wait, What are you clueless about?

@fluffy_cloudz '구름 속에서 기다릴게 ☁️' *Thinks* The only thing I know on that is the cloud. It looks very ☁️ F l u f f y ☁️

@chopsui 'Get back up when all others have fallen' What if it is I, That is the only one who has fallen? Then what shall I do?

@not_peterparker '*thwip thwip* Earth 603-B' Woah, Earth 603-B, Wait is that another dimension? ✨N i c e✨

✨That's all for this one!✨ ✨If you comment on here, I'll have your bio in my 3rd part!✨ ✨Hope you enjoyed!✨ ✨Also, I'm working on the QnA as we speak!✨

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