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Hey, How are you today/Night? I hope you all are having a wonderful day/night! I'm just here to tell you why I wasen't on yesterday is all! If your not intrested then you may click off! Up to you! I don't controle you!

So, Since you have made it this far it might mean that you wanna know why I wasen't here. Well, here we go!

So, Yesterday I decided to hang out with my IRL Friends! And I was wearing flip-Flops. (Not a good Idea) So at onepoint I was running around chasing my friend and I triped. "THUNK" And that's when I knew...Something went wrong.

My nana Rushed me to the hostpital, My face was tore up, I spent 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room till I finally got a room. I was Crying...So much... Finally I got my room. They took a CAT-Scan and an X-Ray. Turns out I have a mild concussion and a broken pinky!

I'm in a lot of pain atm but I wanted to Explain why I wasen't on!! I'm sorry! Have a wonderful day/Night! Love, Sad~Lemon

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