the unknown path
the unknown path  snow stories

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the unknown path

i smile at the sky as the stars wink at me through the clouds

the ground is piled with snow

i'm in the middle of a path

but it's a path nobody will ever tread, so i don't worry about it

nobody could ever find this path on their own

even if i were to lead them here, it would be impossible

this place is perfect and ever-changing

people don't belong here

it's a wonder that i was ever able to find this place

hidden in the depths of my mind

my thoughts racing and turning and switching out with each other now and then

it's impossible to get a clear image of anything

but i know the feel of the cold, wet snow

the slight breeze that doesn't exist

the trees that stand tall alongside a path

a path nobody is supposed to walk on

the snow is turning to rain now

its splashing is unheard

lightning flashes in the clouds

the stars are still shining proudly

the breeze is now whipping through the trees

but the trees stay determined

the wind doesn't affect them

this place is perfect and ever-changing

after all

nobody is allowed here

people will never be welcome here

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