The News That Would Change Their Life.
The News That Would Change Their Life. story stories

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The News That Would Change Their Life.

"Please!!" the kid said. "I really want to stay up!! I don't have school tomorrow!! Why can't I stay up?!" the kid pleaded thier dad.

"It's already late. Your gonna be grumpy in the morning. Besides me and your mom have to talk." the dad said.

"I'm already 8 years old!! I won't be grumpy!!" the kid said in response.

"Go to bed!" the dad said in a very firm tone of voice.

"...fine" the kids said as they headed to bed.

That night the kid heard the parents open the back door to speak.

After about 30 minutes the parents come back in from the back.

The the kid heard the mom crying. Crying so hard. Why was she crying?

The mom cried every night after the talk with the dad and the kid wondered why.

The kid even asked why but the parents just ignored them.

Until one day the parents finally were gonna tell the kid why the mom had been crying.

But nothing could prepare the kid for the news they got.

Hey, So I thought I would try something different and create a non-fandom based story. So this is what the story is. I'm having trouble creating names for the characters so maybe you could give me some ideas, please! But anyways, Have a great morning, day, night Guys, Girls, and Non-Binary Pearls~~

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