My Favorite Haikyu!! Characters As Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
My Favorite Haikyu!! Characters As Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend suna stories

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My favorite haikyu!! boys as you boyfriend/girlfriend

My Favorite Haikyu!! Characters As Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Rintarō Suna -Doesn't really like PDA -Get's secretly jealous when you talk to honestly anyone -Cuddle bug when you are alone -Are you public? Yup

Kenma Kozume -You love doing his hair -You play video games with him all the time -Not much PDA -Are you public? You guys are still waiting for the right moment to tell everyone.

Shinsuke Kita -He cares a lot about you -He can sometimes be a little too honest with you -He is very blunt when it comes to his opinions -Are you public? No. Kita wants to focus on volleyball for now and you are okay with that.

Hitoka Yachi -She can get really insecure about your relationship -Always asks for permission to hug or kiss you -Adorable AF -Are you public? Actually yes, Yachi told everyone by accident. Now she won't stop apologizing for it

Kōshi Sugawara -Hugs all of the time -You guys are known as the mom couple -Constantly worrying about you -Are you public? Of course, it may not seem like it but Suga wants everyone to know that you are only his.

Morisuke Yaku -You always joke around about his height -You come to everyone of his games -You guys love going on picnic dates -Are you public? Yes but only to his family.

Satori Tendō -You guys love singing together -You get mad at anyone who makes fun of him -He is actually very sweet and would do anything for you -Are you public? Yea, he sang a song to his whole team about how you were his

Sō Inuoka -Adorable AF -An innocent baby -Wants you to come to every one of his games, practices, and practice matches. -Are you public? Yea he got so excited when you guys first started dating that he yelled it to his whole team

Asahi Azumane -You always help him with his hair -You can't go to his games cause he gets to nervous -You always reassure him when the rumors get to him -Are you public? Kinda. Not everybody knows. Only Suga, Daichi, and Noya.

Keiji Akaashi -You, him, and Bokuto have been friends for a very long time -Would never do anything to hurt you or your feelings -Are you public? No. You want to tell everyone but he wants to wait and you respect his choice

Kōtarō Bokuto -He's very childish with you -You basically have to take care of him cause he's baby -When you go to his games he tries everything to impress you -Are you public? Hell Yeah!! He would announce it to the whole world if he could.

Just note that none of this is canon. It is just what I think they would be like. Anyways have a great day! Bye, Guys, Girls, and Non-binary pearls~~

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