I'm Making A Sim- And I Need Characters
I'm Making A Sim- And I Need Characters sim stories

simplyaweeb He/They Therapist Friend
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I'm making a sim!

I'm Making A Sim- And I Need Characters

So I saw other people make sims. I also made some characters for other's people's sims, so i thought, why not make your own sim? So here we are!!

The story is about 10 kids/teenagers (ages 3-19) who were taken and experimented on. After being taken these characters are forced to stay at a place that is impossible for regular humans to survive. But with all these experiments they are not regular humans.

So that is the plot but I need characters! When I say that these characters are not regular humans I mean they have powers.

Name: Age: Gender: Sexuality(only use this if your character is 12 years or older): Personality: Power(s): Good traits: Bad traits: Pros about powers: Cons about powers: Appearance: Body Type:

Please leave some characters!! Anyways, have a good day Guys, Girls, and Non-Binary Pearls~~

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