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simplyaweeb He/They Therapist Friend
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Just some info

I'm Back!!

Hey I'm back!! I'm sorry I haven't posting!! I honestly just took a break for my own mental health. I went through a lot this last week and needed a break. I also had zero motivation to do anything!

But I'm back fully motivated and ready to take any resquests! I'm sorry if I haven't done your resquest yet but if you remind me what it was I will do it!!

I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a great Easter! And for those of you who don't celebrate Easter I hope you had a very good day yesterday!

So please leave requests! Also I thinking about doing a "About My Appearance" Which is basically like a Q n A but about what I look like. For example asking me questions like "What color are your eyes?"

If you want to leave a question that would be amazing. But anyways Have a great day, Guys, Girls, and Non-Binary Pearls~~

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