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Facts about me.

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So I know I haven't been online or active with my account recently so I thought I could try to make that up with a get to know the author!! So come get to know me!!

I'm 14 and about to finish 8th grade. My birthday is March 1st. My zodiac sign is Pisces. I obsess over anime, FNAF, and Sander Sides. I am single af. :((

I obsess over anime, FNAF, Sander Sides, Harry Potter, and Dream smp. If you personally know me (like in person) you would know that I cuss in like every sentence. It's a habit that I need to break.

I like to draw, and mostly just sketch. I'm a very unmotivated person and lazy as well. I'm currently fighting a lot of mental health issues. So yeah I'm a pretty messed up person lol.

But if your worrying don´t because I'm going to therapy so I am gonna be ok! Ok back to the lighthearted stuff. I prefer sub anime over dub anime.

My first language is English and that's the only language I know lol. But I'm learning Spanish and Japanese rn. I'm from the westside of America, so there is a lot of beaches and stuff I guess. I have no favorite color and like all colors :))

I'm a very indecisive person. Im Pansexual and Pangender, which goes back to my indecisiveness. I really don't care what pronouns you use for me. You can call any gender as well.

So you can call me a girl, a guy, a genderless blob. Whichever you want to. I like people based on their personality rather than looks and gender.

Some music artists I listen to are: -Cavetown -Melanie Martinez -NF -A bit of Billie Eilish -Any musical soundtrack -BTS -Twice -BlackPink -Girl In Red

I love broadway musicals such as BeetleJuice, Heathers, and Six the Musical. I really want to watch Hamilton but I got grounded from TV so not yet I guess.

I'm the oldest of 5 kids. I have 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. My brother is like my best friend.

I'm a very unorganized person. I'm the quiet-smart kid in school. I currently have a 3.7 gpa but I can't do math to save my life. I'm not good at making friends and usually people will talk to me first and that's how i make friends.

My parents are divorced and I don't talk to my mother and I refer to my stepmom as my mom. So mother=birth giver And mom=stepmom I'm a huge Disney lover!! I could watch Disney movies all day!

That one story I wrote, I think it was called ¨The news that changed their life¨ or something like that, is actually based off an experience I went through as a kid. I'm the therapist friend so hmu if you need someone to talk to :)))

My favorite animal is a Fox. I'm a huge dog person but i don't get along with cats that well. I want a pet bird so bad but my parents say no :((( I'm a hoodies and graphic t-shirt person.

The next image is basically my aesthetic (minus the skirt, add leggings or jeans instead)

Wow i gave a whole background story😹 Anyways those were some facts about me! Hope you got to know me better.

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