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Blurred out cussing! **Art work doesn't belong to me.**

Bokuto x Reader

Requested by lady_animal This is written in 1st person point of view. Comment a character you want me to do next!! I also made you the team manager of Aoba Johsai.

It had been a week since I had that...moment with Oikawa. When I joined him to his practice the next day it was honestly normal. Except he didn't want anyone to know about the moment. It seemed like he was also trying to forget the moment.

It kinda hurt if i'm being honest. But I didn't say anything. ~~Present Time~~

"Hey Y/N" Iwazumi said to me. "Oh hey Iwazumi!" I said with a lot of joy in my voice. "You seem excited" he said teasingly. "Oh sorry. It's just that you guys are having a practice match with Fukurōdani. I heard that one of the best ace's in high school goes there!" I said sounding even more excited now.

"Oh yeah. You mean Bokuto?" he asked me. "Yeah! I'm excited for the match!" I exclaimed. "Oh hey Iwa-chan~" Oikawa said as he headed towards us. "What trashykawa?" Iwazumi said while sounding annoyed. "So mean :(. Anyways did you hear about the match with Fukurōdani?" Oikawa said.

"Yeah Y/N told me." Iwazumi said. "Oh...hey Y/N didn't see you there." Oikawa said hesitantly. "Hey..." I said. "Well Iwa-chan~ I have to go help the others with practice stuff. Bye~" Oikawa said.

Iwazumi didn't say anything in response. "Did something happen between you two?" he asked. "Oh...kinda." I said. "You know you can tell me anything right? We're friends." he said very nicely. "...ok." I said very hesitantly.

Then I started explaining everything. Soon my eyes began getting watery. I could feel the tears dripping down my face. "...that ***hole!" he said while sounding very upset. "It's fine. We have to get ready for the practice match with Fukurōdani." I said while wiping my tears.

I started walking away before he even got a chance to respond. A couple of hours later Fukurōdani arrived. I'm pretty sure Iwazumi sensed the excitement in me.

Soon everyone was practicing for the practice match. I was just watching everyone while doing manger work. Then the Fukurōdani captain came up to me. "Hi! I'm Kōtarō Bokuto!! Nice to meet you!! Are you gonna watch the match? You're the manager right?" he said with a lot of energy.

" hi! I'm Y/N. Yes I'm going to watch the match. And yes I am the manager." I said in reply to all of his questions. "So cool!! I'm the team captain of Fukurōdani!! My name is Kōtarō Bokuto!!" he said with the same energy and excitement in his voice.

"Oh! I heard of how good an ace you are!!" I said with excitement in my voice now. "Bokuto-san, leave this poor person alone." a dark haired boy said as he walked up to us. "But Akaashi :(. I was just saying hi." Bokuto said with a frown on his face.

"Aww please don't be sad Bokuto-san. But you should really stop pestering the manager with questions." he said in a calm voice. "It's quite alright. He was just asking me a few questions. Oh and hi i'm Y/N." I said. "Hello Y/N. I'm Keiji Akaashi." he said in response.

"Nice to meet you both." I said. Before they could reply their coach called for them. "Well bye!" Bokuto said. I just nodded my head in reply.

The match ended up lasting about an hour and a half. Home vs. Visitors 5 4 Aoba Johsai ended up winning. I could see how sad Bokuto-san looked. I felt bad for him and the rest of the team. I heard Akaashi mention something about an emo mode.

Aoba Johsai was celebrating their win. Then before I could even think about it my body started moving towards Fukurōdani's team. "Sorry that you guys didn't win." I said in a sympathetic voice . "It's okay. It was just a practice match, but Bokuto-san is still very unhappy that we lost."

I could see Bokuto-san frowning behind Akaashi. Then I started heading up to him. "Hey don't be sad. It was just a practice match. You learned a lot from the match. You can use what you learned in new matches." I said with a warm smile on my face. As soon as I said that, a huge smile appeared on his face.

"Your right!! I'll-...We'll definitely win them next time!!" He said very cheerful. I just smiled and nodded in reply. I could feel Iwazumi and Oikawa looking at me, probably wondering why I'm talking to Fukurōdani. Bokuto seemed to notice that my attention was somewhere else because he tapped my shoulder to get my attention.

When I felt the shoulder tap my full attention went back on Bokuto and Fukurōdani. "Sorry, yes Bokuto-san?" I said in reply to the shoulder tap. "Oh, I was going to say that you should hang out with me!!! It would be so much fun!! I was planning on going to a cool new restaurant in this town!! Wanna come?!" he said.

I could tell that if I turned down his offer he would be super sad. But besides I honestly wanted to go and get to know him better. "Sure why not." I said calmly. "Akaashi did you hear that she said yes." he exclaimed to Akaashi, which got everyone in the gym's attention. "Let me just get my stuff." I said, unfazed about his yelling.

He just smiled in response. As I was walking to grab my stuff, I could feel my face get hot. 'Why am I blushing?' I thought to myself. After I grabbed my stuff and started heading over to Fukurōdani again, Oikawa and Iwazumi stopped me.

"Yes?" I asked. "Why are you hanging out with Fukurōdani?" Iwazumi asked me. "And where are you going?" Oikawa said right after. "Well I felt bad for them losing. So I went to talk to them, and they are really kind. Bokuto-san said I should hang out with him today, and I agreed." I said.

"Oh well, just be careful then." Iwazumi said to me. Oikawa didn't say anything, he just stood there in silence. "Of course I will. See you guys tomorrow." I said in response to Iwazumi's remark. Iwazumi kinda became like a big brother to me. Always telling me to be safe. Protecting me. And stuff like that. It was honestly really nice.

When I finally headed over to Fukurōdani I could hear them whispering. I could only make out one of their whispers. But it sounded like one of them said "Oooh~ Bokuto has a date." I could feel my face get hot. I was blushing. "Hey Bokuto-san, I'm ready to go. Sorry I took so long." I said, interrupting their whispers.

Bokuto-san just stayed quiet though. I could see that he was blushing a bit. We both started heading out of the gym. Akaashi and Bokuto-san seemed to be best friends. Although they seemed like opposites. Akaashi was super calm and collected. He knew how to control his emotions. Bokuto on the other hand, is very childish and energetic.

It's cool to see that even though they are so different they are still best friends. "Bokuto-san are you okay?" I asked him. He was still very quiet and from what I know, that is very unlike him. "Oh...yeah. I'm good. Sorry if I worried you or something." he said with a smile. "It's okay." I said with a warm smile.

"So, where is this restaurant that you were talking about?" I asked him. Soon a huge smile was on his face. "It's right over there!!" he exclaimed, while pointing to a fancy looking restaurant across the street. "Okay then, let's go." I said to him. He nodded in reply.

After crossing the street we made it to the restaurant. There was a huge line inside. "Hello there. Welcome to ________. Do you have a reservation?" I looked at Bokuto for a second. He shook his head. "No ma'am, we do not." I said in response to his question.

"Well then I cannot serve you. We are very busy today. Unless you want to wait..." she checked the restaurant tablet. "6 hours." she said very calmly. "Um.. could we have a second please?" I asked. She just nodded her head. I pulled Bokuto to the side. "Do you want to wait 6 hours or do you want to eat a new restaurant?" I asked him.

"Um...we can eat a new restaurant. I'm really hungry. I don't think I could wait 6 hours." he said. "Okay, then." I replied. We both walked back to the hostess. "No ma'am. Thank you for offering though. Have a nice day!" I said as me and Bokuto walked away.

When we left the restaurant I could see that Bokuto look very sad. I felt kinda bad. "So Bokuto-san, where do you want to eat now?" I asked him. "I don't know :((. I really wanted to eat there. But I'm super hungry right now." he said with a frown. "Do you know any good restaurants here?" he asked me.

"Um... well there is a very good restaurant that is about a 15 minute walk from here." I said to him. His eyes immediately lit up. "Really?!" he asked. I laughed a little before saying "Yes." He noticed that I laughed because his face turned a bright shade of pink.

Soon we were walking towards to restaurant that I mentioned. Then out of nowhere it started raining, right as we were passing the park. Bokuto pulled me closer to him, trying to block out the rain for me. I started blushing a dark shade of red. I could see that he was blushing too. Before I had a chance to think I kissed him on the cheek.

"Uaaauah!!" he exclaimed while blushing a lot. Suddenly my eyes went very big. I can't believe I did that. What if he's dating someone?! "I'm so sorry!!" I practically yelled. He started walking over to me and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to the grass of the park.

He started spinning me around in circles. Dancing with me in the rain. We both didn't say anything for about ten minutes. We were just dancing. Soon it turned into slow dancing. That's when he said " you..." he whispered in my ear very hesitantly. I could feel my face become very hot.

"I um like you too." I said. Soon his hand made their way to my face, which he cupped in his hands. He pulled me into a soft passionate kiss. When we parted from the kiss, he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. He then pulled me into another kiss that was very messy this time.

Soon we were walking towards the restaurant, soaking wet. Hand in hand. Fingers intertwined. Where we both enjoyed a meal. ~Fin~

I'm finally done!! Sorry this took so long to come out. I was super busy and honestly very unmotivated. So this is about 35-37 pages long so comment "Owl" if you finished this. Also no hate towards Oikawa. It just fit into the story. Also comment down below a character you want me to do next!!

Anyways have a great rest of the day ~~Guys, Girls, and Non-Binary Pearls~~

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