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simplyaverage whenever i get upset, i tend to write
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everyone gets a little sad


“are you depressed or something?”

i wouldn’t say i’m depressed. i wouldn’t say i’m “or something” either i’m just sad sometimes.

i’ve been through a lot. countless times of trusting someone only to be hurt in the end

unspeakable words said in the same sentence as my name

the pain of all of this stays with me. it hurts my heart, it hurts my soul

breathing gets hard, eating gets hard, living, gets hard, and i just want to die

so that little thing you did on accident that you would never think would hurt me, feels like a knife, stabbing my heart

i can’t help i get attached to people. i try to stop myself from doing so

believe me, attachment is now rare for me. but you just knew exactly how to make me love you

and now when you’re busy or sleeping or out doing whatever you’re doing,

i can’t help but think that there’s a chance you’re with another girl

that can give you what you need that can show you things that i can’t not because i don’t trust you.

but because i’ve never been in a situation where it hasn’t been reality.

i’ve never been good enough for anyone, so when someone as amazing as you came into my life,

i can’t believe that this time it would be any different.

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