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simba_the_poet Philippians 4:13 🙏🏾 🇿🇼x🇬🇭
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A mystery poem personifying and animating a feeling we have all felt but very few can guess its true identity. Can you ?

I am...

I am butterflies in your stomach, giving you a lightheadedness of the heart. I am a blur to your rational thinking, pumping adrenaline to your bad decisions.

I am all you want at times, releasing a hunger of insecurity.

Have you felt me before ?

I am born on first sight, reveling in appearance, beauty and ignorance. I grow every time I am fed, almost resembling my brother, love. I hide my true intentions, only showing you what you want to see.

Have you seen me before ?

I crumble, when put to the test. Exposing my little strengths and many weaknesses. I break, when vows are to be made. Revealing that I was never honest to start with.

I dissolve, when all the games are over. Satisfied, only when infatuation is left. My gambit is over.

Have you experienced me before ?

By Takudzwa Simba Katsokore

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