You create your LinkedIn.
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You create your LinkedIn.

You polish your resume and add people to your network. You start the job hunting journey.

You email people you don't know.

You are scared but excited. "This is going to work," you say.

Two weeks later, you get zero responses.

Did you think it would be that easy?

To finally get that interview.

Working hard is not enough here.

You need to work smart too.

Why? Because there is so much competition in the market.

What did you do wrong on LinkedIn?

Maybe you don't have a strong LinkedIn presence.

Maybe you aren't using your school network right.

Or maybe your emails are too long to read.

Your parents start asking why you haven't found a job.

So you start panicking!

What if... We help you leverage your own brand?


Using LinkedIn & Twitter

Let's make your profile go viral together.

We will give you tips on how to improve your brand!

Twitter is as powerful as Linkedin!

Here is why.

Twitter emphasizes community + engagement.

Suited for small burst of quick-fire conversation and idea exchanges.

Here, content often has far less value than context.

Twitter rewards people who listen and give.

Or how much valuable context you add to

the content, your own, and that produced by others.

If you have used Twitter for a non-recruiting purpose,

you are probably following a famous singer and retweeting what they say.

Which is not wrong. However, it is not effective.

So stand out on Twitter!

The only way to differentiate yourself from the rest and gain people’s interest is through unique context.

Today, information is cheap and plentiful.

Information wrapped in a story, however, is special.

Twitter stands from other social media platforms

Because it gives the opportunity to directly message anyone regardless of their title or position.

People’s tweets are public.

They welcome spontaneous conversations!

If you jump into a conversation and network,

you won't look like a stalker.

I bet you are now expecting more...

But you'll have to wait a little bit more :).

Thank You!

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