I am NOT in love: a dipcifica tale
I am NOT in love: a dipcifica tale #dipcifica stories
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The story of a beginning of a new relationship between Dipper Pines and Paz Northwest.

By: Rachel Jones (me!)

I am NOT in love: a dipcifica tale

by Rachel Jones (me!)

It had been a year since the events of Weirdmageddon. Me and Mabel were forced to come back home, and Stan and Ford went adventuring. Then, school was over and we were back at the Mystery Shack.

"Hey dudes!" Yelled Soos excitedly as we walked in the door. Then he came up and gave us a giant bear hug. "Soos, I c-can't breathe," I managed to squeak out.

And then Mabel broke free and asked him where our Grunkles were. He told us they were unwrapping a package that came in the mail for us.

We followed him into the room where our Grunkles were huddled in a corner reading the letter that had come out of the package.

Stan did nothing, but Ford slowly brought a hand up to his mouth and covered it.

Then he turned around, put one hand on Mabel's shoulder and one on mine and then looked us in the eyes and said, "You need to read this letter.

" I could see the pain and fear in his eyes and decided that I would do it. I reached for the envelope and slowly opened it.

Dear Pine Tree, Hey, meat sack! Something I learned today is that the mind can regenerate things that were trapped inside when it was temporarily destroyed.

How do you think Stan got his memory back so fast? Word to the wise, kid, Llama is nice, but she's not your crowd. Stick with Shooting Star or Ice Girl. Welp, I'll see you in your dreams!

From, Bill cipher

We sat down and talked about it for a while until late at night. We finally decided we couldn't tell Stan for fear of his memory bringing him back in his former physical form.

Later with a "Goodnight," me and Mabel hit the hay. That night I had terrible dreams.

That night Pacifica was coming over to see what she could do for the Pines family since we were back. Her and Mabel have become great friends after her father lost his fortune.

Anyways, she walked in and saw that the entire house was quiet for the first time ever. Then she heard shouting coming from upstairs, and screaming.

Leaving the macaroni she had made for us, she ran upstairs to see what was happening. Mabel was up and looked disturbed, yet happy to see her.

She said she had woken up from a nightmare where Bill Cipher had killed me. She had rushed over to me to see if I was alright and was relieved to see he was sleeping.

Then she had noticed that he wasn't breathing. She had called Stan who had done the Heimlich and saved me, but even after Stan left she felt scared for me. I looked down at him.

I was breathing. But then I started to thrash around on the bed and yell gibberish that wasn't real words. Mabel called Ford so that I would be better.

He came quickly and as soon as he got inside the doorframe I sat straight up in my bed and said,

"Sixty degrees that come in threes

Watches from within birch trees

Saw his own dimension burn

Misses home but can't return

Says he's happy he's a liar

Blame the arson for the fire

If he wants to shirk the blame

he'll have to invoke my name

One way to absolve his crime

A different form a different time"

I then collapsed back on the bed, supposedly sleeping. "Grunkle Ford, do something!" Yelled Mabel. But Ford was busy writing down the words that I had just said.

When he had finished, he went over to me and shook me until I woke up.

I sat up, looked at Ford and said, "Hey guys, what's happening? Why are you in my room and why is Pacifica in here? I said as I laid back down.

In a few minutes, I was up and eating toast for breakfast. When I was done cramming food in my face, I said to Ford, "There's something I need to tell you.

" In a few seconds I had told them all about the terrible dream I had. I said, " I was talking to Bill and he said that he wouldn't rest until everyone he cared about was dead.

Then Bill pulled out the Zodiac. It still looked tike I remembered, only now it looks slightly older, as if it was a milk carton past it's expire date.

Bill rolled the wheel and it landed on Ford, and he held out his hand and killed him with a swipe of his hand. So it went then with Mabel, then Stan, and then, Paz.

Then the wheel landed on my sign, and Bill picked me up. But instead of killing me, he decided to torture me instead. He grabbed a blue fire whip and slashed the ground. A burning scar was left.

Then he tortured me, and even though now I know it to be a dream, I could feel the pain in my back. Eventually, I was woken up by Ford.”

“And that is all you remember, Dipper, correct?" Ford asked me."Yeah," he said.

"So you don't remember sitting up and spewing a ton of junk about sixty degrees and birch trees?" Yelled Mabel, who was obviously spying on us like she does to everyone. "No" I said. "I don't.”

" Strange... the next day him and I were working to crack the poem I had spouted the night before. In the end, we learned that the poem was about Bill Cipher, but was not written by him.

We opted to learn more sometime soon. The next day, me, Mabel, and Pacifica were going to the fair when Mabel announced that she had forgotten that she had to run the face paint stand.

She took off, leaving me and Pacifica alone. To break the ice, I asked her if she had ever been to a fair. "No," she replied. "My parents would never let me go to them.

We headed towards the Tilt-A-Whirl, and after that, we went to every ride in the whole park. The only tide left was the Ferris Wheel. Despite my objections, we were soon on the ride.

For the record, I am not afraid of heights, I was afraid that she would fall in love with me while we were on it. And now I was too late. Soon the ride was over, and I bought Paz cotton candy.

Then we walked into the games section and Paz saw a claw game with an adorable little stuffed toy cat inside. She checked her pockets for a quarter and found one.

She tried to get it, but couldn't. I checked my pockets for a quarter and I found one. Then, blushing, I said, "Let me try.

" And she stepped away, and I aimed the claw for the little cat and I got it. I gave it to her and then saw something inside the machine. There was a toy that looked like Bill.

I watched it for a few seconds and it blinked. I dug another quarter from my pocket and aimed the claw again. Again I succeeded.

The toy seemed to struggle as I took my prize and Paz and I walked back to the Mystery Shack. That night, Mabel asked what happened and I told her everything about the fair.

After I was done, she squealed and said, "You like her, don't you! You're in love!" I sternly replied to her, "I am not in love." She immediately dropped the subject.

The next day, I woke up to Mabel talking to the stuffed animal that I had gotten at the fair that resembled Bill. I took it and went to talk to Ford about it.

He wasn't surprised and said that he had seen things like this, and that they were scouts and we should destroy it.

Mabel begged us not to and then Ford said she could keep it but it had to sleep in a cage and nobody could tell it anything.

Mabel didn't completely grasp the concept and let slip that we were going into the creepy part of the forest to look for werewolves. Which we were.

After Paz's dad lost his fortune, she came on loads of adventures with us. She happened to be coming on this one as well. She had asked for it and he had said she could.

Later we were hunting for werewolves and ran across Bill. The real Bill. He was only in the Mindscape, but I was still terrified. He said, "I will destroy everything you love...

" and then was gone. For a while I pondered this while we walked. Then I realized that Pacifica wasn't there. We wandered back to find her, and then we saw her.

She stood up and started talking enthusiastically, acting like Mabel on steroids and Mabel Juice. Then I realized. Pacifica was possessed. Cipher had her. There was nothing I could do...

or was there? "I will destroy everything you love." Huh. I guess I was in love. "Give her back, Cipher!" I yelled. "Y'know what, Pine Tree, I don't think I will. I think I'll kill her instead.

Unless you'd like to make a deal to save her life, Lover Boy?" He responded coolly while holding an axe near her neck. "Fine, whaddaya want, anyway?" I said, desperate. "I want a a vessel.

A ship or a puppet." He said. I knew this trick. "Ok." I said, shaking on it. The second he pulled me out of my body and into the Mindscape, Paz woke up. The real Paz.

Mabel told her all about what happened and then Bill got up and ran over to the nearest axe. With a swift slice, my body was dead, and I was a lost wandering soul.

Mabel made me a "Dipper" suit so they can see and hear me, and I still live with them today. Me and Paz will be happy together for the rest of our lives.

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