Hidden Shadows: Chapter One
Hidden Shadows: Chapter One hiddenshadowshype stories

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What happens after Lionfang brings the kits to the river? Keep your eyes peeled to find out!

Hidden Shadows: Chapter One

It has been four moons since Foxkit and Silverkit joined RiverClan, although they don't remember it. The two kits were happily tussling in the nursery.

Foxkit sprang on top of Silverkit playfully, and she launched her off her back. Foxkit tumbled out of the bushes in a huff.

"Good one, Silverkit," she meowed.

"I could do better," her sister replied. Foxkit scrambled to her feet and promptly collided with Lionfang, the Clan's medicine cat.

"Hello, kit," he said in a silky tone.

"Oh, hello Lionfang," Foxkit said enthusiastically as Silverkit ran out of the nursery to join them, Dawnfeather close at her heels. There was pride and excitement in her eyes.

"Foxkit, Foxkit!" Silverkit mewled, "Dawnfeather and Sparrowstar said that we can be made into APPRENTICES!" She continued, "We're going to be the best warriors EVER!

" She spun in a circle, trying to catch her own tail.

"Yeah, we are!"

"Foxkit, Silverkit, would you like to come help me gather supplies before your ceremony?", Lionfang broke in.

Dawnfeather said in reply, "Oh yes, that should get them used to the idea of apprentice duties!"

Foxkit and Silverkit followed him out of the camp and to a bush of invitingly red, juicy-looking berries.

"Oh some berries," Lionfang said lightly. "Would you like some? They're perfectly safe."

"Oh, no thank you," said Foxkit

"We're not hungry," mewed Silverkit.

"Why don't we go to the river?"

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