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silverlinings I am your creed, your #1 goddess.
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A personification of boredom.


Boredom is more terrifying than Wrath and Misery and Loneliness and Hatred all combined.

Do you want to know why?

Because Boredom can hit you. Anytime. Anywhere. Any place. You are not safe from him.

Boredom is as boring as can be.

Grey. White. Black. That is his color scheme.

Nothing about him stands out. So you can't notice him coming.

He is invasive. He is consuming. And he does not destroy everything in a Hellfire like Wrath does. No

He will slowly take everything away from your grasp.

He will absorb it. Life. Color. Joy. He takes it all.

And you are left empty and bored. Uninterested. Apathetic. Indifferent.

And you didn't even realize it until "Hey." "This isn't fun." "This is boring." Not a this is lame.

"This is boring."

That is the greatest insult to ever be used.

And to an extent, one of the saddest truths of this world.

Boredom does not take any pleasure or anger or any type of feeling.

Because Boredom feels absolutely NOTHING.

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