Love Letters- Background information
Love Letters- Background information be more chill stories
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I'm the type of person who is always writing in my head. Occasionally, a particularly good idea will inspire me. This is some background information for a new fanfiction I'm working on.

Love Letters- Background information

I'm the type of person who is always writing in my head. Occasionally, a particularly good idea will inspire me. That's what my posts are. This was an idea I found adorable and fun. (Post-SQUIP)


Boyf reinds- the main ship of the story. All the others are already together and are background.


Pinkberry (Chloe and Brooke)

Tree bros (Connor and Evan)

Aro-Ace Christine


Step Brothers AU

Paul and Heidi got married the summer before the boy's junior year. Jeremy and Evan are in the same grade and basically feel like they were always brothers.They never say "step-brother", they just refer to each other as brothers.

(Random, but EVERY Step Brothers AU fanfiction I've ever read has been like: "Hey Jeremy/Evan you have a new brother we're moving in tomorrow." Like, what???? In what universe does that happen?)


So I have a very specific headcanon for post-SQUIP Jeremy. He has electric scars up his arms, and back, which he hides with his cardigan.

His eyes during the SQUIP changed from a light brown to an electric blue. Post-SQUIP, they're brown again, but there's a bit of the blue leftover in his left eye. He is taller than Michael.

Rich and Jake:

Jake was in a wheelchair directly after the SQUIPcident, but he's now back on crutches.

Rich has burns all over the left side of his body and does have a lisp (I'm not going to write it, because it makes me read everything in a lispy voice and I don't have the patience for that.).

Rich came out as bi directly after the SQUIPcident, Jake as pan when he and Rich started dating.

Evan and Connor:

Evan is bi, Connor is fluid (in his sexuality, not his gender) like he says in the book. Evan does have a stutter, but I don't feel like writing it.

My other fanfiction (Beautifully Broken) is how they got together.


It's like, October of senior year for all of them. MICHAEL DID NOT INSTANTLY FORGIVE JEREMY. He made Jeremy re-earn his trust and friendship.

It took a bit, but by the end of junior year, they were back to being friends, though it's not the same, things are still awkward.

Brooke and Michael became unexpected friends, and Christine, Jeremy, and Michael all hang out together pretty regularly. Everybody knows Hamilton because of Christine.

Michael in particular loves it, the two will screech the lyrics in the halls and cafeteria (be prepared for a chapter with that). Michael does not hate Christine.

He honestly loves her and the two basically adopt each other as siblings. It's super amazing.

Chapter one up, like, two seconds after I post this. It's already done. If there are any questions/clarifications you have, just ask in the comments.

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