Beautifully Broken (Pt 4)
Beautifully Broken (Pt 4) dear evan hansen stories

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Read the other parts first, same trigger warnings, yadda-yadda. Time froze. Connor could see the fear in Evan's eyes, and Connor lunged forward, trying to catch Evan. Then time started again, and Evan was on the ground.

Beautifully Broken (Pt 4)

Read the other parts first, same trigger warnings, yadda-yadda.

Time froze.

Connor could see the fear in Evan's eyes, and Connor lunged forward, trying to catch Evan. Then time started again, and Evan was on the ground.

Connor scrambled down as fast as he could, cursing. He knelt by Evan's side. Evan was staring at him, eyes wide and breathing shallow. Evan's left arm was twisted at a strange angle.

"Oh my god, Evan, your arm!" Connor said. Evan looked down at it. "O-oh. That looks b-bad." Connor stared at him.

"Looks bad?! Evan, that's broken! Does it not hurt?!" Evan shrugged with his right shoulder. "It's n-numb." Connor stood. "We need to get you to the hospital."

Carefully, he scooped Evan up into his arms, his unharmed arm to Connor's chest.

Before Connor started walking, Evan used his right arm to gingerly tuck his left arm around his chest, so it didn't dangle down. Connor began to run to the car, but Evan gave a sharp cry.

Connor instantly stopped. "J-just walk, p-please, C-Conn..." Evan whispered, eyes full of repressed tears. Connor felt absolutly terrible.

He began walking again, careful not to jostle Evan. Evan leaned his head into Connor's chest, shaking a bit. After a bit, Evan turned his eyes to Connor's face.

His unharmed hand reached up to straighten the flower crown, then moved down to play with a curl resting on Connor's shoulder. "Y-your hair is s-so soft..." Evan whispered.

Connor was too distracted to feel the butterflies he would usually feel after a comment like that. "I'm so sorry, Evan, this is all my fault, if I hadn't had the stupid tree-climbing idea..."

Connor said, feeling tears rise in his own eyes. He forced them down. No. He would not start crying. He would not break down on Evan.

"...'s n-not your f-fault, Connie, coulda h-happened to anyone..." Evan murmured. Connie? "...Connie?" Connor repeated aloud, wonderingly. Evan blushed. " y-you that in m-my head...won't if you don't l-like it..." Connor blinked, realizing the tears that he had been repressing were falling down his face.

No one had ever called him anything but Connor..."Y-you, don't like it..." Evan said. They were about halfway across the field now. "No. Evan, I love it." Connor whispered back, blinking.

Evan's uninjured had moved from Connor's hair to his face, wiping the tears away. "Sorry, here you are with a broken arm, and I'm breaking down on you." Connor said, biting his lip.

Evan chuckled a bit. "Hey, I j-just about break d-down every time you s-say my name, let alone a n-nickname." Connor smirked. "Is that right, Evan?" he asked, teasingly. Evan rolled his eyes.

"Shut u-up." Connor laughed a little. "Shutting up." They had reached the car, and Connor carefully adjusted Evan's weight so he could use one hand. "Front or back?" he asked. "Front. I-I wanna be c-close to you..." Evan said softly.

Connor nodded, opening the passenger door and setting Evan in the seat, going as far as buckling his seatbelt for him.

"I c-can do that m-myself, C-Connor..." Evan told him, shifting a little, gently cradling the hurt arm. Connor could tell the pain was getting to him. "Shush," Connor said, leaning in and kissing Evan's cheek, then closing the door and going around to the driver's side and getting in.

As he started the car, he glanced at Evan, whose face was pink, and his unharmed hand was up to his face, where Connor had kissed him.

"W-what about my c-car?" Evan asked as they pulled out of the parking lot. Connor was going as fast as he dared. He didn't want to get pulled over or make the ride rough for Evan.

"We can come back and get it later..." Connor trailed off, frowning. How would that work? We need someone to drive both cars, and Evan's arm is definitely broken... "C-Connie?" Evan asked.

Connor felt his face flush and glanced over at Evan. "Yeah?" Evan bit at his lip. "I-I'm sorry f-for all of t-this, I-I don't w-want to be a-a b-bother..."

Evan's lip was trembling, and the tears finally spilled over. Connor felt a guilty pang. "Evan, no. It was my fault, I was the one who suggested climbing the tree." Evan shook his head.

"I-It w-wasn't your fault, h-how could you have k-known?" Connor sighed. "Today was supposed to be perfect. Instead, I let you get hurt." Evan reached out and touched Connor's hand.

"You k-know, it w-was perfect f-for me." Connor looked over at him. Evan's face was steady, looking into Connor's eyes as if he could force Connor to believe it by looking at him hard enough.

Connor gave a half-smile with no joy in it. "Thanks, Ev." They were quiet until they got to the hospital. Connor got out and went to open Evan's door, but Evan had beat him to it.

"C-can I w-walk?" Evan asked, glancing at Connor. "Yeah, of course." Connor replied. Evan took a few shaky steps, wincing. Connor walked beside him, tense, ready to catch him if he fell.

Evan took another step and wavered, so Connor put an arm around Evan's shoulder, supporting him. Evan let out a breath he had been holding. "T-thanks. I-I would have f-fallen."

Connor just nodded and led him inside. The ER lady gave them the sheets to fill out and pointed them to a seat. Connor led Evan over, then took the forms from him. "I'll fill these out. You rest."

They sat down together, and Connor quickly began to write "Evan Hansen" under where it asked for the patients name. Evan cleared his throat a little. "Um...

My f-first n-name i-isn't E-Evan." he whispered. Connor blinked at him. "Then what is it?" Connor asked, feeling confused. Evan went pink. "M-Mark. It's m-my d-dads name. My mom w-wanted E-Evan, so that's m-my middle name... My d-dad was the o-only one w-who called me 'Mark'."

Connor nodded a bit and wrote "Mark Evan Hansen" under the name. "Birthday?" Connor asked. "June 15," Evan replied. 'June 15, remember that it's in like two weeks!!' Connor told himself. It went on like that, Connor asking questions, and Evan answering them.

Once they were finished, they went back to the doctor, who asked about the incident, where it hurt, etc. He x-rayed Evan's arm, which was definitely broken.

While they were putting the cast on, Evan reached out with his free hand and took Connor's hand, holding it tight.

The doctor gave Evan a sling and some instructions, then told Evan he was free to go.

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