Voldemort's Daughter Chapter 2
Voldemort's Daughter Chapter 2 voldemort's daughter stories

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Chapter 2 came out!!

Voldemort's Daughter Chapter 2

Adlyn already knew how the sorting ceremony went, but no one else seemed to. Even purebloods. She saw Harry and Ron, freaking out.

Harry tried to flatten his hair while Hermione kept reciting spells wondering which one she'd need to use.

Adlyn smiled mischievously and moved her eyes back and forth, not even bothering to tell anyone how it worked. She also had a talent.

Adlyn could block out any noise and ignore a lot of things/people. She ignored all the noise until McGonagall took out the sorting hat. "Roster, Adlyn." Roster was Adlyn's fake name.

She went and put the hat on her head, waiting for it to say "SLYTHERIN!" but it didn't. She waited. And waited. Until...... "HUFFLEPUFF!" That sorting hat called.

Adlyn screamed and threw the hat off my head. "I'm not going into HUFFLEPUFF!!!!!!" She shrieked.

"This thing is broken, I'm in Slytherin!!!!!!!!!!!!" McGonagall just shoved her to the Hufflepuff table. A/dlyn sat down, still glaring at her.

All of the Hufflepuffs looked hurt, she stuck her tongue out at them and put on her 'Deal-with-it' face. Adlyn was so mad, she didn't even care that Cedric was also looking hurt.

The Slytherins laughed, and Adlyn ignored all noise until after the feast. The prefects took all the newest Hufflepuff students to their dormitory.

While everyone else was sleeping, Adlyn was busy writing a letter to Father:

Dear Father,

Hope you're doing well. Everything is going just as planned. Except the Sorting Ceremony. The old, pathetic hat put me in Hufflepuff! We both know I should've been in Slytherin.

Not scaredy cat Hufflepuff! We're the last descendants of Salazar Slytherin. Not Helga Hufflepuff.

What should I do? I have no one to talk to because we both know I can't risk slipping out that I'm Adyln Riddle! I'm going to do my best to act like a horrible Hufflepuff.

Write back soon or else I WILL tell everyone where you are.


Adlyn sent off her owl and went down to the great hall to eat. All the Hufflepuff were mad at her from what he said about them. 'Cry babies' she thought, 'I'll never be one of them'.

Adlyn just kept her head up and continued eating her sausages. She saw that Harry Potter and his little friends were in Gryffindor. At least she wasn't in Gryffindor-Oh, who was kidding.

She was in HUFFLEPUFF. "Hufflepuff isn't so bad..."

Everyone that is reading this comment "Sorting Hat!" in the comments so I can see if you read until the end. Bye, wait. Also comment if you have a name for my followers! (Harry Potter related by the way). So for now, I'm just going to say Bye, Potterheads! (I usually post a new chapter everyday)

Chapter 1 Part 1 and Chapter 1 Part 2 is in the comments. Bye, Potterheads!

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