My Name Is Valentines Day
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silver_rose HEHEH oh didn't see you there! I was uh
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Entry for @writer79 !

My Name Is Valentines Day

Oh my.

Is it that time already? Well, I like to call it the month of Febuary- Oh, I don't need to pretend anymore?

great! I just hate, hate this holiday of love! I can't believe I got stuck with this holiday. "Roses are red, violets are flowers and I'd rather be stuck with a holiday that celebrates cowards!".

Everyone might think I'm a sweet, loving holiday. The holiday might be "love" but I'm still the opposite! Everyone think that since my holiday is full of pure love, but nooooo.

To everyone: I am an agressive,brave,hard working holiday except when it comes Martin Luther King Jr day. *swoon* But that does NOT mean that I'm a sappy holiday.

The real mesage is, never judge a book by it's cover. Everyone think's I'm sweet, but inside I'm brave and loyal. Peace and celebrate Valentines Day with love! Just because I don't doesn't mean you can't!

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