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The very first episode of Chip Battles brought to you by @silver_rose! Comment if you liked it and want more! Every Tuesday

Chip Battles! BBQ Vs. Potato

Announcer: Dun, dun, duuuuuun! Welcome to the very first match-off of BBQ Chips:

'Sup? NIce to be on this Foody-thingy

Announcer: It's Chip Battles!! You may be tasty, but let's see if you can compare to:

It's me! Potato Chips! I'm crisp and delious! It's a pleasure to be here!

Announcer: Wow, so pleasent! Tough act to follow, eh, BBQ?

Tough act? Puh-lease! I'm going win this thing and if I'm going down (which isn't likely) I'm taking Lamo Potato with me!

Announcer: I'm sorry, but save the "Lamo Potato" for you turn in the battle-o

*Laughs* Lamo Potato and Battley-o! Ha! CLassic.......

Anoucer: Now we both know that BBQ chips are more then delicous maybe kind-

Let's start the battle!!!!!!!!!!

Anoucer: Now, in the first section:

Delicously Classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: YA!!!! And in the other corner:

BBQ Chip!

Announcer: Clever naming, Chipo

Thank you!

Announcer: *Sighs* First up: Deliciously Classic!

Thank you, thank you! Hold the Applause. No, really.

There's no one applauding

Stop interupting! Anyways, I'm just saying that plain is better because too many chips can raise your blood pressure. Did you know that BBQ chips are 230 calories? You wanna that or healthier (not saying it's healthy, just healthier), delicious, good, amazing Potato Chips?

Announcer: Nice, PC(Potato Chip). Just in the future, when you become a contestant on 'Chip Battle' (not saying you're going to be in next season) stop saying bad stuff about the other person and say reason why your chip is better


Ooh! Me! Me! Me next!!!!

Announcer: Fine, fine, Chipo. Make it quick.

Whatever. Potato Chips may be less calories, but when you eat me, you're going to want to burn all those calories. BBQ Chips kind of motivate people to work out and burn some calories. Potato Chips are 130 calories, but you know what? I got something that Potato here doesn't have! Flavor! BBQ! BBQ! BBQ FOR ALLLLLL!

Announcer: You know, I gotta hand it to you, Chipo. You started off with a rocky start, but finished it off and climbed to the top. I'm proud, Chip.


Wait! I thought I was your favorite! Deliciously Classic, right? Who wins!? Who wins!???????????????????????????????

Announcer: I'll tell you after a quick message from our sponsor: Silver!

Thank you, Announcer. You might think that it was me behind the Announcer microphone, but no! Anyways, I just wanted to ask you to comment if you want more Chip Battles. Also, there are judges for Chip Battles! Well, there will be after you sign up! DM me if you want to be judge. -------->

After all three judges vote, i'll add three pages with each of their responses (if people like Chip Battles) and tell you who wins! Now, let's listen to Announcer (who still needs a real name) as he/she finishes this episode off!

Announcer: Thank you, Silver! So, comment if you liked this battle and want more. Also, DM Silver is you want to be a judge! That's it for this episode of Chip Battles!!!!! Wait! The votes are in! Let's introduce you to the judges!!

First we have:


Random word/message: Murf!


@writernotfound!! I love chips and you should too!

Random word/ message: I love chips and you should too!

last but not least.......


Random word/ message: *Didn't respond*

Let's see who they thought won:

I think that potato chip had a better name and more logical reasons... so potato!

BBQ for sure... sorry other chip

Oof. That's hard. Gonna say potato.

Announcer: And this proved who won:

@elleseng: @notanauthor: @writernotfound:

Announcer: What was that? Oh, the answer weren't there? Here they are ---------->

@elleseng: Potato @notanauthor: Potato @writernotfound: BBQ

Congrats, Potato! You won!

I'd like to thank all the dips that have been encouraging me on the way. Thanks mom! Thanks dad! Look! There here:

I'm proud of you, Potato

*sniffs* Thanks mom. Or dad. I can never tell you apart.

That's it for Chip Battles! We'll see you next Tuesday! *jeopardy music plays as you exit out of this post*

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