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The Diary of Annie Beckham

It is a story about annie on how she face the hardship that she fought while growing up in adolescent days together with her friends.

Chapter 1

Dear Dairy, Today is not a good day because of the negativity that kept on surrounding me. I woke up earlier to do my daily basis This days I write a journal because recently my memory wasn't good enough, I've forgot it already even tho it is just a second nor minutes.

Btw before I forgot it let me introduce myself my name is Annie 👋 16 years old, an average teenager. Like others I've experienced a stress because of school, family, financial and also relationships to others.

I can say that i am a shy type person, i use to distance myself to other's because im not comfortable with them, also im not comfortable enough to talk via phone unless you and i where close. you can say that im kind of introvert 😌 But...

I have friends, most of them were guys. When I'm with them I can express myself, i feel free and it's makes me happy 😊. But unfortunately there's no forever...

Because There's always an ending.

Among us Hiro was may closest friend. His the type of person that go on a flow. He's an out going ,humble and a nice guy. He always put smile to us even tho his struggling and kept on saying that it is just a challenge that we must cope on.

One day I saw him with a girl. That girl was so pretty and they seems so happy. That time i remember the things that he kept on saying to me. He told me that he is in loved.

I thought that time that I should support him so whenever he asked a favor about that girl I give him an advice.

One day when I'm on the store I saw the girl that hiro liked. She was with someone else.

So I dialed hiro and I've told him what I've saw.. but he said nothing.

So I confronted her, but unfortunately i got shocked from what I've heard she told me that hiro was just her friend. She told me everything.. I was to shocked I thought hiro was referring to her but it turns out that it is me.

May 05, Weeks past by and I didn't dare to talk to him I was scared that time i was afraid to face him because he was my friend and I don't want to hurt him. It is month of May now and we will celebrate our friendship together with others. I don't want to see him but I can't dumped them all by not attending to our celebration.

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