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When I was younger transition stories
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silver media student who believes in positivity
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Technology hasn't been all that great.

When I was younger

by silver

When I was younger, I remember looking out on the streets, for cars that come and go,

I remember going out with my Mom, clutching tightly to her huge hands, eyes opened wide, looking at the different walks of life.

I remember starting my first day of primary school, confused yet excited to meet new friends,

I remember when I would be excited to get off the bus, run into the house and tell my parents all about school and my drawings,

I remember going outside to play, saying hi to the neighbors, just enjoying my little world.

With a flash, I'm now taller, I'm no longer that little girl.

I no longer look out for traffic as I stare intently on my phone, unknown to the possible dangers on the road,

My mom, trying to keep up with my pace as my hands clutch tightly to my phone and wallet,

I now dread each school day, it was never exciting anymore.

I now look forward to coming home, locking myself in my room and blasting the loud music to drown out my surroundings, keeping to my own fantasies.

My mom would ask, "How was school, dear?"

I would groan in annoyance, with my face in a frown I would hurry to my room, my escape.

I no longer go out to play, I never see the bright blue sky or the green grass mother nature gave us,

instead, I'm staring at a screen, white light and graphics of different colors emerging as I scroll through every page.

I now see the overly-enhanced green grass and blue skies through pixels,

I only interact with people who I'll probably never meet,

I only "communicate" with my quick typing and emotionless face,

It was never the same.

My life flash upon me, sometimes i see my kid self and I feel the raging anger within me, when have I become like this?

When did my colorful life transitioned into one so dull, so lonely?

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