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Seeking adventures.

Not enough

by silver

I was given a wonderful life,

good home,

amazing family and friends,

great education.

Everyone expects me to graduate, go to college, find a job, have a family, retire.

Inside I ache, for a life of adventure, for a life filled with experiences.

Experiences - they come as we go along our lives,

Adventures - their always there when we seek.

Inside, I yearn for a journey I will never forget.

Inside, I'm dying to visit places, meet people, do thing I'd never imagine I'd do,

Who says that life has got to be ordinary?

Each day I seek for a new adventure,

I ache for an unforgettable experience.

Don't live the ordinary,

be a rebel, do things you never thought you would do.

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i love the way you have put this feeling you have into words, i oftentimes feel the same yet i never know how to express it. this is a beautiful story :), your writing's amazing!